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Why NOT to skip the conditioner step : Live Luminously

Why NOT to skip the conditioner step : Live Luminously

Conditioner. An essential yet sometimes overlooked step. Hydration, nourishment, moisture and frizz management. Grey hair can sometimes feel dryer and more coarse than dyed hair. Never fear. With our Luminous Conditioner, your strands will feel silky soft and smooth. Do you want to live Luminously? Of course you do.

A rich, creamy formula for use after any of our 3 shampoos, Glorious Shampoo, Brilliant Shampoo or Gloss Bar. We love a double cleanse. Perhaps Glorious Shampoo followed by Brilliant. Or a first shampoo with Gloss Bar, then a second with Glorious Shampoo. Maybe even Brilliant Shampoo, then Gloss Bar. Whatever pair you pick, follow with Luminous Conditioner. Radiant shine, bounce and flex. Super strengthening and smoothing. A dash of luxurious white truffle for added moisture.

Sounds dreamy right? Many think that conditioner is only key in winter, but during the summer months our silver gets thirsty. Keeping your hydration step will also help with brassiness and dull tones that come from added sun exposure.

If you’re looking to pair Luminous Conditioner with a shampoo, try the Shine Duo or the Brighten Duo. Or maybe even the Cleanse and Condition Trio? Perhaps you want a full team and want to go for any of our quartets, including Glorious Shampoo, Brilliant Shampoo, Luminous Conditioner and either Intense Lustre Mask, Lifeshine Oil or Shooshing Crème.

Keep that hydration flowing!

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