Shine Duo

Shine Duo

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Get gorgeous shine every day with the White Hot Shine Duo.

A creamy white formula, Glorious Shampoo contains a detoxing complex for shine-giving cleanse every day. Luminous Conditioner is rich and creamy for lustrous flex, bounce and shine. Use as often as needed.

A saving of £3.00 on the full price of individual products.

1 x Glorious Shampoo 200ml

1 x Luminous Conditioner 200ml

400ml - +
Match made in heaven
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Get glorious grey and white hair in just 3 simple steps. Choose the best White Hot hair care regime for you and cleanse, condition and style your way to gorgeous hair with a beautiful, layered fragrance.

  • Shine Duo

    Deep cleanse

    Glorious Shampoo is a detoxing complex to rid hair of everyday build-up

  • Shine Duo

    Intense shine

    Dulling pollutants are banished to revive natural shine

  • Shine Duo

    Intensely moisturising

    A touch of White Truffle & leaves a glossy finish

Get gorgeous shine every day with the White Hot Shine Duo.

A creamy white formula, Glorious Shampoo contains a detoxing complex for shine-giving cleanse every day. Luminous Conditioner is rich and creamy for lustrous flex, bounce and shine. Use as often as needed.

A saving of £3.00 on the full price of individual products.

1 x Glorious Shampoo 200ml

1 x Luminous Conditioner 200ml

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Shine Duo Reviews



Customer Comment

  • 10-Aug-2019

    Very good for my "going grey" short hair. Stops the frizz

  • 24-Jul-2019

    So Glad I moved to these products.

  • 23-Jul-2019

    Love these products. They last a long time as you don’t need to use much p

  • 22-Jul-2019

    seems to be a good product

  • 25-Jun-2019

    Fantastic products very kind
    to your hair

  • 19-Jun-2019

    White Hot Glorious Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner are rich and creamy. They lather really well and leaves my hair soft and easy to manage.

  • 29-May-2019

    Very useful for white hair that goes yellow.

  • 23-May-2019

    Best shampoo for my silver hair, my hair is shiny and soft. Keeps my silver hair silver

  • 13-May-2019

    The conditioner is excellent and I have used it before. This is the first time that I have bought the shampoo. It is a great shampoo but I have long hair and you have to use a lot to get a lather which makes it rather expensive. It would be good if it could be produced in a more concentrated form.

  • 05-May-2019

    the products speak for themselves

  • 04-May-2019

    Good product, but very expensive and no change to appearance of grey hair

  • 03-May-2019

    Great product. Good quality

  • 02-May-2019

    This makes my white/grey so soft and shiny. So glad I found these products

  • 01-May-2019

    My grey hair has never looked better

  • 28-Apr-2019

    I was restocking so already know the products.

  • 26-Apr-2019

    I have been using this for some time now and it does what it says helps keep my white hair, shiny white.

  • 12-Apr-2019

    Lovely quality shampoo and conditioner which are so good for my rapidly greying hair. I love the way my hair is soft and shiny without the dreaded ‘blue hue’!

  • 10-Apr-2019

    The hair duo left my hair easy to manage, soft with a lovely shine. Very happy with his product.

  • 09-Apr-2019

    Love your products, make hair so soft and shiny

  • 08-Apr-2019

    Lovely products, pleased with the effect on my hair.

  • 08-Apr-2019

    As always great value for money a little goes a long way

  • 28-Mar-2019

    Nothing special . Overrated advertising. Makes no difference to my grey hair

  • 26-Mar-2019

    Love these products - highly recommended.

  • 21-Mar-2019

    My hair is shiny and there is no hint of yellow tones

  • 20-Mar-2019

    Turned my hair purple and increased the intensity of my grey reducing the lovely white impact making me feel really old.🙁

  • 23-Jan-2019

    The shampoo is called Glorious....and that’s exactly what it is!

  • 23-Jan-2019

    I love the Brilliant shampoo to maintain my very white hair. The other products compliment it perfectly

  • 22-Jan-2019

    Lifts the natural grey to give it that brighter look.

  • 21-Jan-2019

    Very pleased with the products and service.

  • 21-Jan-2019

    I’ve used both types of shampoo and conditioner. They leave my hair feeling beautifully soft.

  • 21-Jan-2019

    Brilliant products love them.

  • 16-Jan-2019

    An easy process with discounts on various bundles to buy

  • 09-Jan-2019

    I don't use anything else now. But concerned about packaging and was wondering if White Hot could do their products in extra sizes to save on waste?

  • 12-Dec-2018

    So far I have only used them once, but I was very impressed by the improved shine I saw immediately. I have just had my long white hair cut very short so will have to wash it more frequently and I look forward to seeing the condition of my hair improving.

  • 10-Dec-2018

    Fantastic shampoo and conditioner keeps my hair soft and bright
    Just love it

  • 10-Dec-2018

    Very thick and creamy shampoo which resulted in a lovely lather

  • 08-Dec-2018

    Service good but numerous ads appear from them saying how amazing their product is so I eventually gave in and bought some even though it is very expensive, and it’s rubbish. It doesn’t leave my hair shiny, it doesn’t leave my hair smooth and it doesn’t leave my hair smelling nice. My usual much cheaper favourite leaves my hair soft, smooth, shiny and smelling much nicer. Will NOT be buying any more. Don’t bother. Very disappointed.

  • 07-Dec-2018

    White hot!?
    ?more characters

  • 05-Dec-2018

    Excellent product and does what it says in the packet.

  • 05-Dec-2018

    The product made my hair feel really soft but I didn’t notice any improvement in the shine.

  • 05-Dec-2018

    Really like shampoo, Much better than another well known make I have purchased on line. Really leaves your hair white and shiny. The conditioner was a great buy (there doesn’t seem any in shops for silver hair). Not greasy and works very well

  • 29-Nov-2018

    Pleased with products. My hair looks and feels good

  • 15-Nov-2018

    My hair is looking very good,one problem both tubes look alike and it is hard to see which is which when in shower without your specs.

  • 14-Nov-2018

    The product doesn't seem to have the same effect on bleached hair

  • 14-Nov-2018

    Lovely shampoo and conditioner. After just one use I was complimented on my shiny hair. After 2, I was told my hair was sparkling, like it had glitter on it 😀

  • 13-Nov-2018

    Made my coarse hair feel smooth. The swooshing cream is fab for styling, definitely recommend these products

  • 12-Nov-2018

    very pleased with the results, hair soft, and brighter, it was very much a mixture of battleship grey and dull white, that is changing and I have only been using it for about two weeks.

  • 11-Nov-2018

    great for banishing yellow and giving shine and condition

  • 02-Nov-2018

    Using both products leaves my hair silky and soft

  • 26-Oct-2018

    l,ve already said ,** very happy with the product ***

  • 25-Oct-2018

    Nice shampoo conditioner suits my hair

  • 09-Oct-2018

    Service brilliant, order came on time and products lovely

  • 08-Oct-2018

    I think both shampoo and conditioner are very good - but I haven't noticed any difference in brightness.

  • 07-Oct-2018

    It lifted the white in my grey hair

  • 06-Oct-2018

    Love this product shall use it for every

  • 28-Sep-2018

    The product has a lovely smell.

  • 22-Sep-2018

    really liked the shampoo and conditioner. Hair has lovely shine and feels good.

  • 19-Sep-2018

    They are working for me at the moments..if you could make shampoo that reduces or stops loosing hair would be marvellous.

  • 18-Sep-2018

    Nice shampoo, conditioner not as good but ok

  • 17-Sep-2018

    Absolutely excellent for my hair

  • 09-Sep-2018

    Nice, creamy and lovely pearl colour, perhaps a little less perfume?

  • 26-Aug-2018

    Best of this type of product that I’ve tried

  • 25-Aug-2018

    Very Happy with the shampoo and conditioner

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