Lifeshine Oil

Lifeshine Oil

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A multi-purpose, light-weight oil to nourish, gloss and smooth white and grey hair. Smooth onto damp hair as a treatment before blow-drying, or onto dry hair for a smooth, high-gloss finish.

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Get glorious grey and white hair in just 3 simple steps. Choose the best White Hot hair care regime for you and cleanse, condition and style your way to gorgeous hair with a beautiful, layered fragrance.

  • Lifeshine Oil


    For hair in need of a shine injection or a deeper smoothing treatment

  • Lifeshine Oil

    Light-weight formula

    Won’t weigh hair down or leave it feeling lank

  • Lifeshine Oil

    Great value

    Just a few drops is all you need

Use multi-purpose Lifeshine Oil to nourish, gloss and smooth your white and grey hair.
  • With extracts from the African Baobab tree, it’s bursting with light-giving properties and moisturising nutrients for healthy hair
  • For use on mid-length, longer hair or curls in need of taming
  • Warm a few drops in your hands and smooth onto damp hair as a treatment before blow-drying, or onto dry hair for a smooth, high-gloss finish
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Lifeshine Oil Reviews



Customer Comment

  • 14-Oct-2019

    Finishes off my style with a shine and not greasy.

  • 13-Oct-2019

    I’ve only used this once but I’m very pleased with the results so far.

  • 11-Oct-2019

    Use as part of my hair care routine!

  • 11-Oct-2019

    Discovered that oil is not for me so gave it away

  • 07-Oct-2019

    This helped with my frizz problem

  • 07-Oct-2019

    I’m enjoying using this, it works well on my hair.

  • 07-Oct-2019

    Use very sparingly. - Goes a long way - does an excellent job !

  • 24-Sep-2019

    I just love this product 🙂

  • 20-Sep-2019

    works well on my hair and leaves a lovely shine

  • 08-Sep-2019

    Makes my hair really shiny and soft

  • 04-Sep-2019

    Very happy with this product.

  • 03-Sep-2019

    Really good for dry, grey hair.

  • 28-Aug-2019

    2 Lifeshine oil hair spray

  • 23-Aug-2019

    Very pleased that it does not make my hair look yellow, which some other oil-based products have done.

  • 22-Aug-2019

    Love the product, service and delivery of goods the packaging is cute too

  • 29-Jul-2019

    container leaks so oil gets everywhere. you need better bottled
    s . this is not a one off, it happens every time

  • 29-Jul-2019

    Lifeshine oil makes my dried hair look shiny & healthy and gets rid of any frizz & you only need to use a very little when drying your hair so it is economical as well.

  • 28-Jul-2019

    My hair feels softer and it better condition

  • 25-Jul-2019

    Pleasant to use and gives a brilliant shine without being sticky

  • 24-Jul-2019

    Gives a deep shine without being greasy. Really pleased.

  • 20-Jul-2019

    This is my absolute favourite of all of your products, it puts a beautiful shine on the hair and leaves it looking fabulous.

  • 19-Jul-2019

    No frills no fancy packaging just product does exactly what it says

  • 14-Jul-2019

    Added shine 👍 beautiful softness

  • 28-Jun-2019

    Gives a great finish and reduces any frizz

  • 28-Jun-2019

    Left hair feeling dull, although easy to use.

  • 26-Jun-2019

    Gives a lovely shine to my hair without making it greasy

  • 26-Jun-2019

    Good product , light and effective

  • 24-Jun-2019

    Love this oil. I use it on damp hair for styling and also on dry hair for a boost to my rather coarse hair.

  • 21-Jun-2019

    Lifeshine Oil is brilliant. I use it every morning before combing or anything else. It feeds, tames and shines without any greasy feel.

  • 09-Jun-2019

    Another buyer said the Lifeshine oil was not suitable for short hair, well my hair is short and it works fine for me. The secret is to warm very little of the oil in your hands (2 drops is enough) and very lightly work it through your hair. The finish is gorgeous and the oil will last me ages as I need so little of it. I will definitely be buying this product again.

  • 06-Jun-2019

    Great instant shine and wispy control. Not sticky.

  • 30-May-2019

    I bought this, and then found out it’s best suited to longer hair but there was no information on the description to say as much. I have short hair so feel I’ve wasted my money....

  • 09-May-2019

    I use this product on a daily basis which keeps my hair looking fresh and shiny as it says on the bottle!

  • 09-May-2019

    My favourite product gives hair fantastic shine

  • 09-May-2019

    My second bottle of the Lifeshine oil. It really helps my hair shine/sparkle.

  • 09-May-2019

    Made my hair shinier...and manageable 😊

  • 25-Apr-2019

    Fast delivery and an excellent product

  • 12-Apr-2019

    Fabulous shine on hair....

  • 10-Apr-2019

    Love this product & use it everyday. It tames my hair & makes it shine at the same time.

  • 08-Apr-2019

    Best oil I have bought. A little goes a long way. People complement me on how shiny my hair looks

  • 01-Apr-2019

    Horrible - it left my hair lank and lifeless. Only used 1 squirt and rubbed it well into my hands before pulling it through my long hair. NEVER going to fall for this cheap trick again

  • 31-Mar-2019

    Gives lovely shine without being greasy

  • 22-Mar-2019

    Great all round good service brilliant product what else can i say its just the Lifeshine oil i am not keen on but thats just me

  • 13-Mar-2019

    It's better than anything else I've tried on my dry, flyaway, greying hair.

  • 03-Feb-2019

    Again only used twice but I see a difference on my hair.

  • 26-Jan-2019

    It puts a lovely sheen on your hair and tamed any stray bits that to has a great smell

  • 25-Jan-2019

    Light weight oil that is easily absorbed. It leaves my hair feeling sleek and makes my white hair shimmer.

  • 24-Jan-2019

    Thrilled with this lovely oil. Feels great on my hair which is quite coarse.

  • 21-Jan-2019

    Calms my hair down so no need to wash every day

  • 06-Jan-2019

    Didn't make a lot of difference, hate the choosing creme it feels like glue and just matted my hair ,I'm taking it to my hairdresser to see if I'm using it right , if I am then it was an expensive mistake

  • 12-Dec-2018

    Great - my hair looks healthy

  • 10-Dec-2018

    This stuff is good just need a little to smooth through the hair

  • 07-Dec-2018

    Lovely product I have very coarse hair, I also live in a very hard water area.

  • 06-Dec-2018

    Makes hair shiny without adding grease

  • 05-Dec-2018

    Great shine need to be careful not to use to much as my hair is fine

  • 01-Dec-2018

    Have only used once but was pleased with the shine.

  • 26-Nov-2018

    Nice feel even after drying

  • 16-Nov-2018

    Love it - lives my hair feeling great

  • 12-Nov-2018

    Not arrived yet. Still waiting.

  • 03-Nov-2018

    Does exactly what you promised - adds a sparkle to my hair and without leaving it oily.

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