Shooshing Crème

Shooshing Crème

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For short hair that needs a little extra oomph, Shooshing Crème gives white and grey hair weightless volume, texture, definition and oomph in a flash. With luxurious White Truffle, flat or fluffy hair is whipped into shape with a soft and fragrant touch.

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60ml - +
Match made in heaven
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Get glorious grey and white hair in just 3 simple steps. Choose the best White Hot hair care regime for you and cleanse, condition and style your way to gorgeous hair with a beautiful, layered fragrance.

  • Shooshing Crème

    Weightless volume

    A little goes a long way

  • Shooshing Crème

    Defined style

    Quiff, sculpt, tousle and tease as desired

  • Shooshing Crème


    Perfect for ‘shooshing’ on the go

For short hair that needs a little extra oomph, Shooshing Crème gives defintion, style and beautiful fragrance and volume in an instant.
  • Light and moussy Shooshing Crème gives white and grey hair weightless volume, texture definition and oomph in a flash
  • With luxurious White Truffle, flat or fluffy hair is whipped into shape with a soft and fragrant touch
  • After drying, warm a pea-sized amount of product with your fingertips. Shoosh, tease and primp hair into submission
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Shooshing Crème Reviews



Customer Comment

  • 09-Dec-2018

    Yes I find this product does what it says on the tube .
    The only problem is I have to wash my hair every day now .

  • 09-Dec-2018

    Just what I wanted did the job

  • 06-Dec-2018

    i liked the funky "messy" look it created

  • 05-Dec-2018

    Lovely product to use.......

  • 01-Dec-2018

    Fantastic product. Not sticky and yucky like some products. Keeps my hair in place all day.

  • 29-Nov-2018

    The shooshing creme is brilliant for styling short hair

  • 19-Nov-2018

    Love all of these products! Suit my hair very well.

  • 16-Nov-2018

    Absolutely brilliant ...white hot by name and white hot results. I can't recommend this product highly enough!

  • 14-Nov-2018

    I have short hair and I use this to texturise and the smell is this product.

  • 13-Nov-2018

    Love it! Easy styling and smells great too

  • 13-Nov-2018

    The Hot Hair Shoosing creme gives my hair that extra hold and good feel. Very happy with this product.

  • 08-Nov-2018

    Just keeps my shiny hair in place

  • 08-Nov-2018

    I've used this before and provided you use only a very small amount it works well and feels non-sticky, light and keeps down the frizz.

  • 04-Nov-2018

    Handy handbag size, a little of this product goes along way!

  • 03-Nov-2018

    Love this for instant whoosh in the morning when no time to wash hair!

  • 31-Oct-2018

    I have very dark hair, so I wasn’t sure ithe product would not show on my hair. It gives a fantastic gloss, and plenty of body.

  • 31-Oct-2018

    Amazing product, does exactly what it says, will definitely be buying this again

  • 23-Oct-2018

    Didn’t work how I expected it to

  • 22-Oct-2018

    Only used this twice and still haven't used the right amount for my hair. Feels sticky on your hands, but not on the hair. Will continue to practise.

  • 22-Oct-2018

    Unless there is something I'm doing wrong, this stuff was awful on my hair, leaving it horribly waxy. I only used a pea sized amount and after reading the positive reviews was very disappointed, I hadn't expected it to be so sticky. It was very expensive and I am left with a full tube of this cream which I won't be using again

  • 22-Oct-2018

    Amazingly goiod - my hair never looked better and people STOP ME IN THE STREET to say how much they admire it.

  • 20-Oct-2018

    My favorite 😊 & I love the name!

  • 16-Oct-2018

    It gives my hair a great lift all day!

  • 16-Oct-2018

    Again, this is a good product but no different to John Frieda which I usually use.

  • 08-Oct-2018

    Shooshing product easy to use and easy to wash out.

  • 30-Sep-2018

    It works well, with a soft finish.

  • 29-Sep-2018

    A very small amount goes a long way and as with the shampoos smells wonderful.

  • 21-Sep-2018

    Have only used this once - very sticky 🤔 Will try again using less

  • 20-Sep-2018

    I have white natural hair but other products were not satisfactory this however gives it the lift it needs

  • 19-Sep-2018

    Just makes my hair feel grubby. Doesn’t really have good hold. Smells nice.

  • 17-Sep-2018

    Turns my flat lifeless hair into interesting with oomph!!!

  • 15-Sep-2018

    Only used this once so far -will be good for bad hair days. 😱

  • 06-Sep-2018

    The shampoo is gorgeous and creamy

  • 01-Sep-2018

    Fab hair looks so full be buying this product again

  • 31-Aug-2018

    you do not need a lot and it gives my hair the texture as it is very short (Pixie Cut), love it

  • 29-Aug-2018

    I like this product. It smells amazing and does what it is supposed to do.

  • 28-Aug-2018

    All good, quite expensive compared to similar products, not sure I would invest again.

  • 28-Aug-2018

    Fantastic item! It really does work. Thank you.

  • 26-Aug-2018

    Leaves my hair feeling very soft and more natural looking

  • 26-Aug-2018

    Because it does exactly what you claim to do. Great product!

  • 22-Aug-2018

    Love this products 2 but just need to make sure you don’t use to much as it can leave hair feeling sticky other than that it gives body and texture to my hair when styling

  • 21-Aug-2018

    This has to be the best I’ve ever used, however I didn’t take to it immediately, getting the amount right is key

  • 18-Aug-2018

    Love this product not greasy at all

  • 17-Aug-2018

    Overall, a quality product that's easier to use than wax or putty. Only a small amount needed for good results. The down side is it's very expensive for such a small tube and unlike the shampoo and conditioner bundles, it's full price.

  • 13-Aug-2018

    Obviously put too much Shooshing cream on by mistake. Don't. It makes your hair all tacky then goes crusty if you leave it in so wash it out and use a tiny amount - smaller than a 5p piece and although you think it isn't going to work it does. Also, found it better putting it on towel dried hair, rubbing well in and then drying with a dryer which ten gives body

  • 13-Aug-2018

    Excellent product works great on my hair

  • 13-Aug-2018

    Great for styling my short hair into the shape I want! I wouldn’t be without it!

  • 12-Aug-2018

    Love it & use it regularly better than anything else I’ve tried

  • 11-Aug-2018

    Have used a little of it when it has been breezy and it helps my hair stay put. Brushes away immediately

  • 11-Aug-2018

    Brilliant! I love it! Gives body and oomph to my hair without being too sticky.

  • 30-Jul-2018

    It is amazing, brightens lack luster hair in seconds!

  • 29-Jul-2018

    good for grey/white hair, will buy again

  • 27-Jul-2018

    First time I have tried this and it does what it says

  • 25-Jul-2018

    I have bought this before. I love it because it defines the hair without any stickiness.

  • 10-Jul-2018

    Made my hair sticky and had to wash it off , thought it was a bit pricey

  • 10-Jul-2018

    Brilliant service and great product. I originally used it after I had blow dried my hair and used it to shoosh into place. Today I put it on and then blow dried my hair. Great result. Smells lovely and gave texture to fine hair.

  • 09-Jul-2018

    I like this product, but again feel i am using a bit more that i normally would. Just a small amount on the fingers doesn't seem to work for me, and i do have short hair.

  • 09-Jul-2018

    Quite nice to use as not sticky but no better or worse than similar products I've used.

  • 07-Jul-2018

    Does the job of giving my hair the volume , it does leave the hair a bit greasy but may have been I used to much

  • 06-Jul-2018

    The shooshing crème is amazing. I have always had to use loads of hairspray as my hair is very fine and flat which of course meant that my hair just sat on my hair and didn't move. Now my hair moves but falls back into place and just looks so good with plenty of volume and bounce. I love it.

  • 05-Jul-2018

    I have only used this once and wasn't sure how much to use. I found it left my hair a bit too stiff but will certainly try again with a smaller quantity as I do like styling products to help shape my hair.

  • 05-Jul-2018

    Ok, but shooshing doesn’t last very long.

  • 03-Jul-2018

    With 'fine' hair I have always had to use hair spray to 'control' it. This Shooshing cream is wonderful. It gives natural control and lift.

  • 02-Jul-2018

    Loved it, easy to use. Did what it said

  • 25-Jun-2018

    Think it really works as the advert suggests

  • 16-Jun-2018

    I have been looking for products like these for sometime I shall recommend to friends and family

  • 15-Jun-2018

    I like it but would prefer something a little more crystallised. Still a good product though

  • 14-Jun-2018

    Fabulous...made such a difference to styling my hair.
    After chemo my hair was a bit flat now I can do anything with delighted, makes me feel so much better when looking in the mirror!!

  • 13-Jun-2018

    I have only used it once so I can’t really comment. Found it a little sticky but maybe I used too much

  • 12-Jun-2018

    The product is very greasy and doesn't give my hair the lift it promised. Useless really.

  • 12-Jun-2018

    Great product. Works well on my hair.

  • 12-Jun-2018

    Super light for my fine hair smells divine.

  • 11-Jun-2018

    I haven't tried this purchase as yet (still in the UK, waiting for my friend to visit South Africa, in the next couple of weeks} however, I do know the product and simply love it!

  • 08-Jun-2018

    I love this product, it holds my hair really well, no need for hairspray. It's non greasy and still looks good the next day. Not sure if or does anything for the colour. I have just ordered some oil as well as more shooshing cream.

  • 07-Jun-2018

    There is no difference whatsoever in the white of my hair. A waste of a lot of money.

  • 01-Jun-2018

    Agai , pretty good but have used products that produce a better effect.

  • 28-May-2018

    Fabulous stuff easy to use

  • 27-May-2018

    I use this product for 2 uses - sometimes as a sort of mousse/wax on damp hair to help build in some style. Then I also use it other days to tame stray hairs before applying hair spray.

  • 18-May-2018

    I purchased these to see if I liked it, also I'm going on holiday soon, and they're great to take.

  • 17-May-2018

    I have only given the Shooshing creme 4 stars as I am working on how much etc is best for my hair. I am sure it will be great once I get the proportions right for me.

  • 15-May-2018

    Oil a new product for me but finding it easy to use.
    Wouldn’t travel anywhere without shooshing creme

  • 09-May-2018

    Love this product , easy to use , not sticky and holds my hair beautifully

  • 03-May-2018

    Find this product a bit sticky

  • 27-Apr-2018

    just love it just what my hair needed

  • 24-Apr-2018

    Didn't work!! Left hair flat

  • 22-Apr-2018

    Not as controlling as I’d hoped

  • 21-Apr-2018

    My hair is quite short, when I first applied the shooshing cream it felt nice, not greasy or sticky and certainly gave my hair more body and shape, however after a while it went quite flat, I had to back comb and use hair spray to lift it again.

  • 21-Apr-2018

    Excellent product and service.

  • 20-Apr-2018

    Does what it says on the tin! Doesn't make your hands sticky

  • 18-Apr-2018

    Ordered shooshing creme it was ok didn’t do what I saw in the ad. shampoo n conditioner trial felt it left my hair flat n heavy.

  • 17-Apr-2018

    Too sticky the residue left in the hair next ..... probably ok if you have very short hair you wash everyday.

  • 15-Apr-2018

    It's OK but not quite as wonderful as described. I have short hair but it didn't keep it in place. The smell is great and sample shampoo and conditioner very nice but again, just like any other shampoo and certainly no difference as claimed.

  • 14-Apr-2018

    Love the product, perfect for lifting my fine white hair

  • 12-Apr-2018

    Quick delivery.
    Didn’t receive discount!

  • 12-Apr-2018

    It’s OKish......doesn’t hold my hair as well as I thought it would....and makes my hair dull......but holds it better than other makes.....

  • 11-Apr-2018

    Smells good, and does the job, but don't use too much as it's a bit greasy

  • 08-Apr-2018

    Very good product easy to use no mess last all day

  • 05-Apr-2018

    The product does exactly what it says. However, the smell for me was overpowering. I would not use this product for that reason. The smallest amount lingers all day and it is a most unpleasant scent. I have passed the product on to my hairdresser who will be able to use it for others.

  • 05-Apr-2018

    This is very good be careful you only need a very tiny bit on your fingers.

  • 04-Apr-2018

    Really good product just need to balance the amount used for your hair type

  • 03-Apr-2018

    Excellent! Does exactly what it says it will.

  • 03-Apr-2018

    Have purchased before love this

  • 02-Apr-2018

    Amazing product. Didn't really believe it would work so well, but it did!! Love it!

  • 01-Apr-2018

    Brilliant, does what is says on the tin. Have been looking for something like this for ages, and wasn’t disappointed.

  • 30-Mar-2018

    Lovely rich shampoo and conditioner.

  • 26-Mar-2018

    Does everything claimed for it.

  • 24-Mar-2018

    A certain amount of the product in the hair the next day. Important to note if you don't want to shampoo every day.

  • 23-Mar-2018

    Great product, really gives my hair, which is quite fine and uncontrollable, a real shoosh. I do not need to use hairspray and it maintains its style all day. Very happy with it, will definitely purchase again.

  • 18-Mar-2018

    Products are bit more expensive, but a little goes a long way.

  • 18-Mar-2018

    Everything is great, all products and service. Can’t recommend White Hot Hair highly enough for all those silver vixens out there 😃

  • 13-Mar-2018

    Excellent product and service

  • 12-Mar-2018

    They do what they say they will.

  • 08-Mar-2018

    Great to work with to get the style you really want.

  • 08-Mar-2018

    Lovely smelling cream which works very well

  • 06-Mar-2018

    Enjoyed using the product

  • 05-Mar-2018

    Easy ordering, quick delivery, good product!

  • 28-Feb-2018

    Excellent. The best hair defined on the market without being too stiff.

  • 21-Feb-2018

    Brilliant service as always, you get a delivery notification almost straight after ordering, and the good arrive very quickly 👍 I find the shooshing cream very good on my fine hair and then blow-drying as it gives it that extra omph.

  • 21-Feb-2018

    This product does not seem to suit my hair. I have tried it about 6 times and for my hair it does not have the desired effect. It just seems too heavy. The product itself smells lovely and I feel that my hair is perhaps too fine.

  • 06-Feb-2018

    Not sure it made any difference to my hair. For the price I expected it to be different to all the other products

  • 06-Feb-2018

    It's very good brings out the best in your hair

  • 06-Feb-2018

    It does what it says my hair did look shinier and did hold its shape for longer than usual

  • 05-Feb-2018

    Really like the product. I have short hair which sometimes has a mind of its own and this product is ideal.

  • 04-Feb-2018

    Does what it says on the packet

  • 02-Feb-2018

    Not impressed all three products left my hair bushy dry and lifeless,
    Thought it would make my hair shine and healthy looking very expensive for what it is very disappointed .

  • 18-Jan-2018

    I prefer when this product was sold in a pot rather than the tube. It is excellent for defining the shape but a little thick. Cyprus is very warm
    So I have to combine with a little water to keep it usable.

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