Glorious Shampoo

Glorious Shampoo

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An everyday, shine-giving cleanse for white and grey hair. With a detoxing complex to neutralise shine-dulling pollutants and a luxurious touch of White Truffle known for its moisturising properties.

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Get glorious grey and white hair in just 3 simple steps. Choose the best White Hot hair care regime for you and cleanse, condition and style your way to gorgeous hair with a beautiful, layered fragrance.

  • Glorious Shampoo

    Deep cleanse

    A detoxing complex to rid hair of everyday build-up

  • Glorious Shampoo

    Intense shine

    Dulling pollutants are banished to revive natural shine

  • Glorious Shampoo


    Extracts of White Truffle replenish hair from deep down

Glorious Shampoo provides an everyday deep cleanse to rid hair of build up and restore healthy shine.
  • Use Glorious Shampoo as a regular shine-giving cleanse for white and grey hair. With a detoxing complex to neutralise shine-dulling pollutants and a luxurious touch of White Truffle known for its moisturising properties
  • Massage into wet hair for a luxurious lather then rinse thoroughly. For added flex and shine follow with Luminous Conditioner
  • Add Brilliant Shampoo to your routine once or twice a week for an instant brightening boost
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Glorious Shampoo Reviews



Customer Comment

  • 07-Jul-2020

    Lovely feel to the shampoo and smells gorgeous.

  • 06-Jul-2020

    Good quality although a bit expensive so I tend to buy when on offer , the one problem for me is because I have arthritis quite badly it can be difficult to put pressure on the shampoo / conditioner to squeeze out the liquid .

  • 06-Jul-2020

    Again - does what it says on the tube

  • 06-Jul-2020

    Love the shampoo and conditioner

  • 06-Jul-2020

    Again, been using this for a few years and is my regular shampoo. Also great mixed with Brilliant Shampoo.

  • 06-Jul-2020

    I’m a regular user of this shampoo, it smells good, is easy to use and brightens my white streaks beautifully.

  • 04-Jul-2020

    Love this shampoo, it is worth every penny

  • 03-Jul-2020

    Love it, really enhances my grey bits, leaves hair soft and silky

  • 02-Jul-2020

    Lathers well lovely smell,

  • 01-Jul-2020

    Great product for grey lifeless hair. Will carry on using it

  • 01-Jul-2020

    Leaves the hair squeaky clean and feeling very soft.

  • 01-Jul-2020

    Good product , made my hair manageable , especially at this difficult time.

  • 01-Jul-2020

    I like using Glorious and Brilliant swapping every couple of days. For me, too much purple leaves my hair, while feeling good, a strange colour. Using the two and swapping is perfect.

  • 30-Jun-2020

    Lovely shampoo for cleansing hair, smells great, I alternate with the Brilliant shampoo, and finish with the conditioner

  • 29-Jun-2020

    Like the product very much

  • 29-Jun-2020

    Always use White Hot. Lovely!

  • 29-Jun-2020

    This shampoo is the best I’ve tried for my silver hair, gentle luxurious, hair always feels and looks good after use.

  • 29-Jun-2020

    Nice to use and a nice smell

  • 29-Jun-2020

    Great shampoo for every day

  • 29-Jun-2020

    Enjoy using this product.

  • 29-Jun-2020

    Leaves hair feeling soft and manageable

  • 27-Jun-2020

    Fabulous ,leaves my hair shiny and lovely

  • 26-Jun-2020

    I use this product daily and it leaves my hair shining and manageable. The only shampoo I have ever used that cuts out the frizx

  • 25-Jun-2020

    made my hair look good thank you

  • 20-Jun-2020

    Lovely product gives my hair a lovely shine

  • 14-Jun-2020

    Lovely creamy conditioner keeps hair soft and a great shine and real hair colour shines

  • 09-Jun-2020

    Wonderful product love this product

  • 03-Jun-2020

    Despite having fine hair this product gives it volume and shine. The whole range of products are the best I’ve used as they brighten my hair without leaving that unnatural purple hue.

  • 02-Jun-2020

    Lovely shampoo gives a great shiny colour

  • 26-May-2020

    Can't rate above 5 stars.

  • 23-May-2020

    Just used it once. First time yesterday. Seems good. Pleased with results.

  • 19-May-2020

    Rich and creamy shampoo I love it

  • 16-May-2020

    Excellent product at good price point.

  • 09-May-2020

    The shampoo and conditioner are so luxurious creamy. I love them. If you like a really foamy shampoo, this isn't for doesn't lather profusely, but once you're used to it, you realise that your hair is squeaky squeaky clean. The conditioner is light and doesn't weigh your hair down. I'm totally sold on these products.

  • 08-May-2020

    I have used this shampoo for quite some time now,it suits my hair coloring and is good value

  • 01-May-2020

    Smells lovely and is great on my hair

  • 01-May-2020

    I bought the shampoo which feels rich and luxurious but the highlight for me was the shooshing cream. My fine fluffy white hair is brought under control, becomes defined and it looks and feels thicker. I’m very happy and would definitely recommend!

  • 28-Apr-2020

    Good product, although does not lather too well

  • 28-Apr-2020

    Fabulous makes my hair look and feel great.

  • 25-Apr-2020

    Because that is my rate meanwhile

  • 14-Apr-2020

    Great product - my wife uses it regularly (and I use it occasionally if I find it in the shower!).

  • 09-Apr-2020

    Lovely creamy shampoo, does not make my hair dry and brittle.

  • 02-Apr-2020

    Of yes,this shampoo really makes my hair shine

  • 30-Mar-2020

    I would like to see a longer lasting brightness

  • 29-Mar-2020

    I use this on the other days.

  • 26-Mar-2020

    Lovely smell and lathers well

  • 11-Mar-2020

    my Hair is super clean, shiny and with loads of volume.

  • 01-Mar-2020

    Excellent shampoo; no need to say more.

  • 28-Feb-2020

    Great product left hair feeling great

  • 26-Feb-2020

    Love this product leave hair shiny and bright

  • 26-Feb-2020

    Lovely to use and smells great.

  • 26-Feb-2020

    Aptly lives up to its name!

  • 29-Jan-2020

    These shampoos/conditioners work really well with my completely grey hair, giving hydration and gloss

  • 28-Jan-2020

    Just love this as an everyday shampoo

  • 27-Jan-2020

    Expensive but worth it

  • 24-Jan-2020

    All products are excellent

  • 22-Jan-2020

    Lovely product

  • 22-Jan-2020

    I love the smell and feel of this my hair feels squeaky clean.

  • 22-Jan-2020

    Makes my hair feel soft and smells lovely

  • 21-Jan-2020

    First time tried this and will be buying again

  • 17-Jan-2020

    Only small amount needed( my hair short )
    I use daily.

  • 16-Jan-2020

    seems ok

  • 13-Jan-2020

    washes with a nice smell and a creamy feel, l have the conditioner as well and that smoothes my hair beautifully, **

  • 10-Jan-2020

    Lovely scent, my hair felt very soft afterwards but have only used a couple of times so far so may get used to it

  • 30-Dec-2019

    Very impressed.Just what I wanted.

  • 18-Dec-2019

    Good value

  • 15-Dec-2019

    A lovely product,smells good and you don't need a lot to make a lather.

  • 14-Dec-2019

    Lovely product,😊

  • 13-Dec-2019

    Was a user of touch of silver but usually ended up more purple than silver

  • 13-Dec-2019

    Really lovely shampoo, great for my hair

  • 13-Dec-2019

    Gorgeous creamy shampoo - really gives my hair a boost !! Love them both. !!

  • 11-Dec-2019

    Makes my hair look fabulous without turning it purple.

  • 04-Dec-2019

    Excellent products.

  • 04-Dec-2019

    This shampoo is excellent at keeping my hair the colour I like.

  • 01-Dec-2019

    nicely perfumed, leaves hair feeling clean and shiny

  • 30-Nov-2019

    Good for regular use. My hair looks lovely.have purchased in the past , it is the only shampoo for regular use and will continue to purchase.

  • 30-Nov-2019

    A good product to use regularly

  • 29-Nov-2019

    Brilliant shampoo

  • 29-Nov-2019

    Shampoo and conditioner for myself and my sister amazing difference in both of our hair as we've stopped colouring our hair

  • 29-Nov-2019

    Excellent shampoo, love it

  • 29-Nov-2019

    Arrived quickly and is a product that does what is expected of it.

  • 28-Nov-2019

    I've been using it for years. Just love the shine.

  • 27-Nov-2019

    As it says on the package BRILLIANT

  • 27-Nov-2019

    Excellent product.

  • 24-Nov-2019

    Really nice conditioning shampoo - will buy this again on its own

  • 24-Nov-2019

    As I say, I've used their products for three years. Excellent shampoo, lovely smell.

  • 20-Nov-2019

    It makes my hair feel lovely and a little goes a long way

  • 08-Nov-2019

    Leaves my hair feeling soft and smells wonderful

  • 06-Nov-2019

    Stopped a flaky scalp as mentioned before

  • 06-Nov-2019

    Easy to namanagenavAdy to manage

  • 06-Nov-2019

    Lovely shampoo leaves my hair really soft

  • 05-Nov-2019

    Smells nice but needed more than I normally use to get a good lather

  • 04-Nov-2019

    Works well on my ‘Arctic blonde ‘ hair, leaving it healthy looking and shiny. Although expensive, I don’t need to use a lot of shampoo so a tube lasts several weeks.

  • 28-Oct-2019

    Lovely shampoo.Leaves my hair shiny and without. hint of Brassiness!

  • 27-Oct-2019

    Lovely lather super smell but made my hair far too soft, a volumising option is needed.

  • 27-Oct-2019

    My hair is so soft and shiny I love this shampoo. I live in the States and order enough so that I never run out!!

  • 18-Oct-2019

    Good value small amount needed

  • 14-Oct-2019

    Not greasy and my hair is soft and easy to manage.

  • 13-Oct-2019

    Great product would not want to be without it.

  • 11-Oct-2019

    Have used this (and Brilliant) almost as soon I had transitioned to my natural grey hair - just really love the product

  • 11-Oct-2019

    Great shampoo for my white hair

  • 09-Oct-2019

    Great product and lovely to use

  • 07-Oct-2019

    Hair feels healthy, lovely and light after this daily shampoo.

  • 07-Oct-2019

    My go-to shampoo. Very pleased with the results.

  • 07-Oct-2019

    Smells great. Foams up really well.

  • 07-Oct-2019

    This shampoo is my favorite, the best I’ve tried for my white/silver hair.

  • 07-Oct-2019

    I wash my hair daily and this shampoo keeps it in good condition

  • 07-Oct-2019

    Creamy and lovely light fragrance

  • 22-Sep-2019

    Felt good immediately but only need a little. Thought it didn’t foam much at first so addedvextra- mistake!

  • 20-Sep-2019

    really nice, rich shampoo

  • 10-Sep-2019

    Leaves hair looking, feeling and smelling wonderful.

  • 07-Sep-2019

    Even with good conditioner my hair is like straw,it also irradiated my scalp.Sorry i won't be ordering again.

  • 07-Sep-2019

    A brilliant shampoo fir my hair

  • 06-Sep-2019

    Lovely smell feels great too

  • 05-Sep-2019

    After I had grown my hair colour out the grey was quite course. This shampoo has definitely softened it and it seems brighter too.

  • 05-Sep-2019

    Ok but I don't see much difference in my hair.

  • 02-Sep-2019

    The White Hot products are second to none. I do not wish to buy any other products at all!

  • 02-Sep-2019

    Have used this product for some time now, lovely shampoo for my white hair.

  • 02-Sep-2019

    I love this shampoo and only wish it was available in New Zealand. I know I can order it by mail order but the delivery time is long and the cost is high

  • 01-Sep-2019

    Does exactly what was advertised. Great shampoo which left my hair shiny and soft.

  • 16-Aug-2019

    Got this shampoo to give to my sister as like me she's opted to no longer dye her hair as it had got into very poor and brittle condition. She's so pleased at the difference from the first wash. We've also bought the conditioner too and the changes are amazing

  • 11-Aug-2019

    Best shampoo and conditioner for my lovely hair which I wash every day.

  • 08-Aug-2019

    Second purchase. It’s great.

  • 08-Aug-2019

    Excellent products, keeps my white silvery hair looking shiny and manageable!

  • 07-Aug-2019

    Beautiful gloss on hair, will buy abain

  • 06-Aug-2019

    Different feel. Not very bubbly but does the job well

  • 29-Jul-2019

    They keep my hair in top condition.

  • 28-Jul-2019

    Too early to give a proper review as only received product, however lovely thick shampoo with lovely smell

  • 28-Jul-2019

    I have been using this shampoo for 9 months. It’s so rich and creamy and makes my white whiter. It also has a gorgeous smell

  • 28-Jul-2019

    Love the product. Works well on my hair

  • 27-Jul-2019

    Use it a couple of times a week to keep the white white.

  • 25-Jul-2019

    I love how my hair looks now.

  • 25-Jul-2019

    Very good for frequent use because it doesn't seem to be aggressive

  • 25-Jul-2019

    Exactly as promised on label, left my hair smooth and silky

  • 25-Jul-2019

    Used weekly gives my hair a colour boost removes some of the yellowness.

  • 25-Jul-2019

    Fab product does what it says on the tube

  • 24-Jul-2019

    Excellent product. Leaves hair feeling great

  • 23-Jul-2019

    Amazing! Won’t use anything else!

  • 23-Jul-2019

    A great product, makes my hair shine

  • 12-Jul-2019

    It did exactly what it promised, , my hair was becoming dry and dull ....old ! It now feels like it used too !

  • 11-Jul-2019

    love it for a everyday shampoo

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