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What makes a hair hero?

What makes a hair hero?

At White Hot, we have 7 of them. Meticulously formulated with luxury ingredients that not only feel wonderful to use, but really work. Products made for the ‘must-have’ list. Products you reach for again and again…and again.

Today I’m giving you a quick-fire round up of all our products and what makes them extra special.

 #1 Glorious Shampoo

Colour: Pearlescent white

Great for: Detoxing, shine-boosting, essential moisture

Special ingredients: White truffle

#2 Brilliant Shampoo

Colour: Soft violet

Great for: Brightening, strengthening, counteracting brassiness

Special ingredients: Blue lupin, optical brightener

#3 Luminous Conditioner 

Colour: Creamy white

Great for: Hydrating, smoothing, bounce

Special ingredients: White truffle, Keravis™

#4 Gloss Bar Shampoo

Colour: Creamy white solid shampoo

Great for: Soothing, de-tangling, moisture

Special ingredients: Marshmallow root extract, coconut oil, witch hazel

#5 Intense Lustre Mask

Colour: Soft violet

Great for: Deep-conditioning, brightening, shine-boosting

Special ingredients: Blue lupin, Keravis™

#6 Lifeshine Oil 

Colour: Glossy clear

Great for: De-frizzing, gloss-boosting, smoothing

Special ingredients: Baobab tree extract

#7 Shooshing Crème

Colour: Pearlescent white

Great for: Volume, texture, definition

Special ingredients: White truffle

#8 Coming Soon

Colour: ???

Great for: ???

Special ingredients: ???

Any guesses? Here’s a clue….you have been asking for it.

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White Hot Founder