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Meet the Dream Team : The lowdown on the WHOLE White Hot range

Meet the Dream Team : The lowdown on the WHOLE White Hot range

Do you feel like you’re getting the most out of your White Hot products? Do you love experimenting and finding new ways to use them? Or are you completely new to White Hot? If so, welcome! We’re thrilled to have you here. Today, I thought I would give you a mini breakdown of all 6 of our products and share a few of their unique properties and benefits, so whether you’re a loyal White Hot-er or you’re a fresh face, you know the White Hot way.

Starting at the beginning of your routine with our wonderful shampoos. Glorious is our creamy white formula for essential daily nourishment, moisture and shine. With extracts of white truffle and a fantastic detoxing complex to neutralise any shine-dulling pollutants and restore your natural gloss. Grey hair doesn’t need a purple shampoo with every wash and your hair will most definitely thank you for using Glorious.

Brilliant is our soft violet shampoo for brightening, combating brassiness and reducing yellowy tones, with Keravis™ for extra smoothing. We suggest using this once a week or every few washes, but not every day. Also, another top tip - if your hair is feeling extra brassy, pop a small blob onto those stubborn areas for a few minutes before getting your hair wet.

Moving swiftly on to our luxurious Luminous Conditioner. The perfect partner to either shampoo, creamy Luminous has a rich formula for added bounce, hydration and oh so smooth silver. Did I mention it also contains white truffle? Need you know more?

Intense Lustre Mask. A super-charged brightening boost and deep hydrator in one dreamy pot. A soft violet formula for use after either shampoo...simply apply for a few minutes, wash out and voila! Bye bye brassiness and hello glossy, bright, silky silver. Let’s get on to the stylers.

Shooshing Crème (a.k.a everyone’s favourite volumiser) may be little, but it is mighty. Less is most definitely more and a tiny touch of product will give maximum volume, texture, definition and oomph. Weightless, effortless and super quick on wet or dry hair. Take a look at our Facebook page for some easy how-tos.

Lifeshine Oil. Our glow-giving, smoothing, fragrant finishing touch. Light-weight and great for de-tangling and de-frizzing, Lifeshine contains extracts from the Baobab Tree for extra moisture and nourishment. A few drops is all you need on wet or dry hair and discover the glow for yourself….

Last but most definitely not least, our BRAND NEW Gloss Bar. Our first solid shampoo for white and grey hair. Shine-giving, moisture-boosting creamy cleansing bar for softer, thicker, healthier grey. With Coconut Oil to naturally cleanse and nourish, Marshmallow Root extract for smoothing and de-tangling, and a touch of Witch Hazel to gently soothe sensitive scalps. Easy to use, less packaging and more White Hot.

Need some advice? Want to bundle a few products together but aren’t sure which are for you? Reach out on Facebook or Instagram or drop us an email at [email protected] and we would be happy to help. Keep on sending your silver stories and selfies too! We love to see them.