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Switch up your routine

Switch up your routine

Some of you may know that at White Hot we love a routine. Whether that’s a go-to haircare regime or a morning ritual to start your day. It’s comfortable, comforting and helps to bring some structure. However, change is good too. Today, we’re inviting you to switch things up. Discover a new way of using your favourite White Hot products, start your day differently, make a change. It’s easy to fall into ‘sameness’ and we’ve definitely all had quite a lot of that recently!

Whether that’s heading straight out for a quick walk in the morning rather than hitting *snooze* on the alarm, or having a slower start and reading your book for 15 minutes before getting up. Maybe try a new combo of products....How about mixing a squeeze of Glorious Shampoo and a blob of Brilliant Shampoo for a gently nourishing, hydrating and subtly brightening cleanse. Experiment with Shooshing Crème on your damp curls and finish with a few drops of Lifeshine Oil or maybe ditching your usual blow dry and let your hair do its natural thing. Maybe try a new hairstyle you have never tried before. Follow a tutorial and freshen up your look.

Simple actions can have a big impact on your day. Trying something new. Switching the story. Mixing up your routine. It’s only hair....but it’s a start.

Any advice you need? Reach out on Facebook or Instagram, or drop us an email at [email protected] . Do keep sending your silver selfies and stories too. We love to hear from you!

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Image by @fellowferdi