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Say HELLO to Gloss Bar!

Say HELLO to Gloss Bar!

Say hello to BRAND NEW Gloss Bar! The seventh member of our must-have dream team. A shine-giving, moisture-boosting, creamy solid cleansing bar for softer, thicker, healthier looking grey. With Coconut Oil to naturally cleanse and nourish, Marshmallow Root extract for smoothing and de-tangling, and a touch of Witch Hazel to gently soothe sensitive scalps.

We wanted to create a product that we would *without a doubt* integrate into our own routines; a product that reduces packaging, feels amazing to use, is a great solution for travel and feels completely true to our range and brand. Gloss Bar comes as a duo pack in a stylishly simple paper packet.

To extend the life of your Gloss Bar, there are 2 best ways to store it : either on a soap dish to drain and air dry, or in a soap bag. If you need to transport it, there are many shampoo bar cases on the market, but in terms of our packaging for Gloss Bar, we wanted to minimise as much as we could.

If you haven’t tried a shampoo bar before, you may be slightly dubious or even curious. We get it! Some of our favourite comments received since launch are from customers who have been converted to the solid shampoo life! All because of our Gloss Bar.

We thought we would share a few messages we have received from both longer term customers and total White Hot newbies.

‘Absolutely love all your products and the shampoo bar hasn't disappointed. I have thick fine hair which has been tamed by White Hot Hair. I always use the conditioner then apply a very small amount of the Shooshing Crème before blow drying. A couple of drops of the Lifeshine Oil smoothed over to finish. Job done. Great results. Thank you White Hot xx’ - Gill

‘I used mine for the first time last night. OMG! Just when I thought your products couldn’t get any better. It’s awesome. The lather is luxurious and my hair feels incredibly soft ❤️’ - Carole

‘I love my Gloss Bar. Brought it on holiday to try out and it’s really amazing! Hair is so soft and shiny and squeakily clean and stays clean and looking good for 2-3 days. This is much longer than normal shampoo on my hair. Thank you. ’ - Lydia

'Have just received my Gloss Bars. They are amazing, leave your hair so fresh and bright, would highly recommend - wish I had bought them sooner' - June 

One last thing, when creating a new product for our range, it was important to us for Gloss Bar to be able to be mixed and matched with any of your favourites.

Whether that’s creamy white Luminous Conditioner for lustrous flex and moisture post-cleansing, or Intense Lustre Mask for a brightening boost and deep hydration, Gloss Bar can be paired with either.

I know you’re big on styling (as are we), from effortlessly defined curls or big volume with Shooshing Crème to nourishing smoothing or a fragrant revival with Lifeshine Oil. The great news is cleansing with shine-giving, glow booster Gloss Bar, following with either conditioner and then finishing with your must-have styler is a regime to be proud of.

You don’t have to ditch your beloved Glorious or Brilliant Shampoo either! Gloss Bar is a fabulous alternative for travel (when we can), plastic reduction or simply experiencing a little more White Hot in your life. Each shampoo, whether in liquid or bar form brings their own radiant benefits and therefore slotting them into your routine in whatever way works best for you, can only lead to healthier, happier, glossier grey.

Of course if you have any questions, need advice or want to ask a little more about how to use Gloss Bar, we are more than happy to help. Reach out on Facebook or Instagram or drop us a note at [email protected] .

White Hot Team