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Pick Your Pair.... The White Hot Guide

Pick Your Pair.... The White Hot Guide

We deliberately keep our range small because we don’t think you need dozens of different types of products to keep your hair looking great. Of course, your routine starts with the perfect shampoo. Try our creamy, white Glorious Shampoo for everyday nourishing and cleansing and gentle,violet Brilliant Shampoo for brightening and boosting, both playing essential roles for your best grey. Silver hair doesn’t need a purple shampoo every day, so when creating White Hot, I wanted to make sure you had the option of both, to swap into your routine and use depending on what your hair needs. Add Luminous Conditioner to the mix and your wash regime is complete. For days where your grey needs a helping of deep hydration plus a brightening boost, or if you fancy a pamper, reach for Intense Lustre Mask. Not only does your hair feel silky smooth after just 3 minutes, but it gives you an excuse to have that extra few moments in the bath.

Finally, let’s talk finishing touches. Our hero Shooshing Crème brings volume, definition and texture in a flash. Oh and you only need less than a pea-sized amount. I know…. Really? Trust me, you’ll believe it when you see it. In need of a bit of de-frizzing & shine? Lifeshine Oil is the one for you. Just a few drops from the mid to ends of your hair and you’ll be looking at silky, de-tangled, glossy grey in no time.

So, that’s the gang. 6 products. All can be combined to work for you and your grey. That’s why we organise them into 15 different duos and bundles, so you can personalise your own routine, rather than end up with cupboards full of products you don’t use… plus save a few pounds in the process. From the Shorter Hair Shoosh Duo, to the Cleanse and Condition Trio, we can help you find your dream team. As our hairdresser appointments seem a long way into the distance at the moment, you might be feeling curious to try something new, let your best grey shine through or perhaps find a fresh routine.

Any advice you need, the team are always on hand on our Facebook or Instagram pages or via email at [email protected] . Do keep on getting in touch, sending your #silverselfies and letting us know what you’ve been up to. We love to hear from you.

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