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New month, new combos

New month, new combos

We’re at the start of a new month and today I thought I would share a few great White Hot combos for you to try as the weather warms up. Also, I would love to hear what your go-to routine is, or whether you have found any new ways of using your White Hot faves. Do drop us an email or reach out on Facebook or Instagram!

Gloss Life

If you don’t have Gloss Bar in your life yet, take a look, especially as hydration and moisture are absolutely key in summer. The easiest step in your cleanse routine by a mile. Effortless gloss and shine, silky soft silver and gentle on the scalp too. Follow your shampoo with a couple of drops of Lifeshine Oil for a nourishing finishing touch and you’re done. It’s as simple as that.

Intense Luminosity

In the pair above, I didn’t include a conditioner step. Of course if it’s a regular part of your routine, I would suggest slotting Luminous Conditioner in between Gloss Bar and Lifeshine Oil, but if you’re after a truly dreamy conditioner duo, I would suggest mixing a squeeze of Luminous and a little blob of Intense Lustre Mask together for subtle brightening AND deep hydration. Perfect after any shampoo cleanse and with the gentle brightening of Intense, the brassiness will be well and truly kept at bay.

Gloriously Brilliant

Our two amazing liquid shampoos stand proudly on their own AND together. When I want to go for a double cleanse (always a great idea), I go for my first wash with creamy white Glorious Shampoo and follow with a second cleanse with soft violet Brilliant Shampoo. Nourishing, detoxifying and brightening, all in one go.

Shine & Shoosh

When it comes to styling in summer, Shooshing Crème and Lifeshine Oil are all you need. Want some lift, volume and oomph that won’t flop? Reach for Shoosh. Looking for extra hydration and gorgeous gloss? Lifeshine is perfect. Used together, on either wet or dry hair, this combo will bring both body and shine. Plus, they’re perfect hand (or beach) bag size for a style revival on the go!

In need of some advice? Reach out on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to help. Keep sending your #GlossBarGlow selfies and your silver stories too.