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Mix it Up

Mix it Up

As some of you might know, I’m keen to give the longer (hair) life a go, despite being loyal to my regular cuts for 20 odd years. I’m mixing it up! My hairdresser was actually very excited once we were reunited and I have only had a small fringe trim since March. I thought I would feel tempted to go right back to my comfort zone, but I didn’t and I’m glad for it.

It seems this year has been all about mixing it up. We have had to adapt to newness, do things differently and embrace change and uncertainty perhaps more than ever. Has anyone else had a hair change of heart during lockdown? Fancying a super chop or trying to grow your grey? Do let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you’re not craving anything drastic, but still feel like a bit of a mix up, I would suggest experimenting with your products. I’ve been playing with Lifeshine Oil as my hair’s getting longer, just to add a glossy sheen. I sometimes use Brilliant and Glorious Shampoos together...just a little squeeze of both and you’ll have the hydration and creaminess of Glorious with the subtle brightening of Brilliant. Or maybe you always use Shooshing Crème on dry hair….try a little on wet hair instead, maybe even with a couple of drops of Lifeshine Oil too. Shiny, shiny volume. What a dreamy combo.

The beauty of our range is that all products are mix and match-able. They can be used alone, as a routine or can even be combined. You can discover your very own White Hot routine, perfect for you and your grey.

Any advice you need or for our top tips on mixing up your products, reach out on Facebook or Instagram or drop us an email at [email protected] . Do keep getting in touch and sending your silver selfies and stories too.