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Inside White Hot : Top insider tips for white and grey hair

Inside White Hot : Top insider tips for white and grey hair

I don’t know about you, but I love a beauty hack. Top tips, hints and tricks or simply the best way to use your favourite products. Ideas from daily users, sharing new discoveries and dream combos. We love hearing your thoughts and go-tos. I thought today you might like to hear ours, straight from the White Hot team.

So here they are, straight from us to you…. Do share yours with us after at [email protected] or via Facebook or Instagram. Let’s build the White Hot how-to bank together!

* ‘Mix Brilliant and Glorious Shampoos for the gentlest of brassiness banishing, brightening with a burst of nourishment too.’ - Jayne

* ‘My hair can be quite limp and my roots cling to my scalp (especially if it's been a day or two since my last hair wash) - so one of the things I do is blow dry my hair upside down to try and lift my roots away from my scalp, and lead to more voluminous hair. Adding a tiny squeeze of Shooshing Crème beforehand helps to ‘prep’ the hair to where you want it to lift, making it easier to maintain volume longevity.’ - Ellen

* ‘I have recently discovered a killer combo of Luminous Conditioner & Intense Lustre Mask. A little blob of each gives super hydration & subtle brightening, plus your mask lasts longer!’ - Romy

* ‘Shoosh mixed with a bit of Lifeshine Oil to give definition to curls post-wash’ - Jo

* ‘Use Shooshing Crème on wet hair, it is fabulous for adding body and bite to a blow dry.’ - Jayne

* ‘For a smoothing, fragrant revival after a long day, I love a touch of Lifeshine Oil on dry hair. My hair feels fresh again, plus any strays are well and truly tamed.’ - Romy

* ‘I love a double cleanse of Glorious Shampoo to really get your hair squeaky clean.’ - Jo

* ‘Although I have very fine hair, it's still important to condition your hair, just keep it away from the roots! I apply creamy Luminous Conditioner to the ends, which prevents knots and tangles to the bottom half of your hair and keeps it in a good condition (as split ends and breakage can be more noticeable on fine hair).’ - Ellen

Keep sharing your selfies, stories and of course, top tips. We’re hugely grateful for our growing White Hot tribe. Anything you need? You know where to find us.

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Founder - White Hot

Image by @dustinhumes_photography