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Feel New, Feel Boosted, Feel Bright : Reveal your BEST silver

Feel New, Feel Boosted, Feel Bright : Reveal your BEST silver

Our theme of the year is BRIGHT. More than ever, we want to keep shining, keep positive and keep boosted. It’s the beginning of a new year and despite the current uncertainty, we want to do all we can for you to feel bright too.

Hair isn’t top of the priority list. We most definitely know that. However, in the last year many of us have realised how important a simple ritual, a bit of self-care and some normality is. Having a gorgeous cleanse routine, a play around with styling and a spot of pampering with fabulous products can make you feel brand new.

So, how can you feel brighter? New? Boosted?

Create Your Ritual

Maybe Glorious Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner are your perfect cleansing pair, but once a week, you swap in our soft violet Brilliant Shampoo to brighten and remove brassy tones. On that particular day, perhaps you could start a face mask habit. Brighten your hair & your skin? A favourite mask of ours is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Masque (actually intended after a flight but we’ll forget that part for now). It’s gorgeously moisturising and leaves skin feeling baby soft and glowy.

Toodaloo Yellow

Brassy tones bugging you? Getting rid of yellowy tones instantly makes your hair feel brighter. As we said, Brilliant Shampoo is our soft violet brightening booster and works to remove brassiness. If you find the yellow tones a little stubborn, I have 2 tips. Firstly, apply a tiny amount of Brilliant Shampoo to any stubborn areas, on dry hair before washing it. Leave for a few minutes before wetting your hair, then rinse out, reapply Brilliant Shampoo and wash as normal. Secondly, for a super-charged boost, try our Brilliant Shampoo followed with the delicious Intense Lustre Mask. Also a gentle violet formula, it will deeply hydrate and brighten your silver strands.

Style It Up

Sometimes it feels good to just let your hair dry naturally, leave it be and get on with your day. Other times, putting in those extra few minutes to style your grey can make you feel fresher and a bit more ‘done’. We love both looks, but if styling is what you’re after today, have a play around with our Shooshing Crème or Lifeshine Oil...or both! Whether it’s volume, smoothing, de-tangling, texture, oomph or gloss, our two super-stylers will give you the finishing touch you need. Plus, you may find a new look you love! Find my how-tos on our Facebook page too.

Any help you need, reach out on Instagram or Facebook or send us an email at [email protected] . Keep on sending your silver selfies and stories too, we love to hear from you!

Take care,


Founder- White Hot

Image by @aaronburden