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How to switch up your routine for Autumn

How to switch up your routine for Autumn

A new season is the perfect time to mix up your hair regime. Try a new product, consider what your hair needs, how it feels and looks, or think about ways to tweak your routine. There may always be some staple essentials you reach for. Glorious Shampoo is a team favourite for detoxing, nourishing and bringing shine. Great for a super gorgeous foamy wash after a rainy day too.

So, how to discover your go-to autumn products?

Ask yourself a few simple questions.

1) Am I loving how my hair looks at the moment?

2) Does it need a bit of extra hydration this month?

*Double cleanse with Glorious Shampoo and Gloss Bar.

*Remember your Luminous Conditioner step and add a finishing touch of Lifeshine Oil.

3) Or a boost of volume?

*Shooshing Crème is your best friend.

4) How about a spot of brightening?

*First cleanse with Glorious or Gloss Bar and go in second with Brilliant Shampoo OR mix a bit of Glorious and Brilliant for some subtle brightening.

*Swap in Intense Lustre Mask every few washes for deep conditioning and banishing brassiness.

5) Have I been using my heated stylers more than usual (and therefore feeling a bit brassy?)

*Take a break from the heat and embrace your natural texture. Remember to swap in Brilliant Shampoo and/or Intense Lustre Mask for a helping hand too.

6) Do I fancy trying a new style?

*Play around with Lifeshine Oil and Shooshing Crème on wet or dry hair, with up-dos and down-dos.

I hope this helps. Of course the team will be happy to help if you need any advice. Just drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram or send a note to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you. Keep sending those selfies too..!


White Hot Founder