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A little goes a long way - How to use White Hot products

A little goes a long way - How to use White Hot products

You might have heard us say that before. At White Hot, one of our defining features is that with all of our products, you only need a small amount for maximum impact. From our styling products, to our shampoos… a little really does go a long way.

Let’s start with Shooshing Crème. Less is more. Waaay more. Start off with less than you think you need. You can always add extra, so it’s better to build gradually. It’s likely you’ll find you only need the tiny amount you started off with anyway. Rather than floppy, greasy hair, you’ll be left with weightless, textured, volumised silver, that doesn’t feel weighed down with product. I find the less I use, the better the results.

Going onto Lifeshine Oil. Depending on the style, you will again want a very small amount. A couple of drops is all you need for silky soft, de-tangled, smooth, de-frizzed grey. On wet or dry hair. In fact, if you’re applying to dry hair, I would suggest even less than wet…. And really rub the product into your hands before gently smoothing over. If you’re looking for a slicked back ponytail or super sleek crop, you might want to use a little more, but still...let’s say it together....Less. Is. More.

Let’s talk shampoo. No need to squeeze masses out onto your palm. A small blob will do the trick. Both Glorious and Brilliant Shampoo are gorgeously fragrant and foamy too, so there will be plenty of product to leave your hair feeling cleansed, nourished and super shiny without wasting any. Our Luminous Conditioner is the same. Rich, creamy and oh so hydrating and you only need a smidge.

Lastly, Intense Lustre Mask is our 3 minute miracle. We don’t say that lightly. You really don’t need much for dazzling brightening and deep, deep hydration. No need to smother your silver, just smooth over a small amount and soak it up.

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