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Get zingy white and grey hair in 3 easy steps

Get zingy white and grey hair in 3 easy steps

OK, we love our grey. We’re happily embracing our natural colour and we’re liberated from the monthly tyranny of dyeing, so how do we keep it looking and feeling great?

No 1 - keep it clean people!

Asked for my top tip recently, I had to explain that while everyone’s hair gets grubby, on ours it’s visible! Too much blusher around the edges, pollution from the train ride into work, fingers tucking your hair behind your ear … they all conspire to take the dazzle off our hair.

WhiteHOT Glourius Shampoo image

Glorious Shampoo - with detoxing complex for shine-giving cleanse every day. My ‘go to’ for everyday cleansing, without the purple.

No 2 - condition (when you need to)

I don’t use conditioner every time I wash my hair because I don’t feel my hair needs it, while my colleague Jo wouldn’t wash without conditioning because her wiry hair needs extra care.

WhiteHOT Luminous Conditioner Image

Luminous Conditioner - rich and creamy for flex, bounce and shine.

No 3 -  add shape and shine!

Nothing says ‘old grey’ more than dull, limp or helmet hair in our humble opinion. I like to add texture and definition for a messier, undone look, while Jo, with her longer hair, loves a sleek finish.

WhiteHOT Shooshing Creme Image

Shooshing Creme - our shaping cream for oomph in a flash

WhiteHOT Life shine Oil image

Lifeshine Oil - nourish, gloss and smooth on damp or dry hair

Happy hair,

Founder - White Hot hair