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Winter Evenings Series : Chapter 2

Winter Evenings Series : Chapter 2

It’s time for our next Winter Evenings routine of the week. We loved to hear that you were trying and enjoying our last one, so do keep getting in touch this time too.

Just a reminder, every couple of weeks we share our routine of the week, with our White Hot products of choice, plus a book and a bonus self care item we’re loving. We’re keen to encourage you to build your own self care rituals and soak up the cosiness of winter along the way.

This week, it’s all about shine (shock!)

Start with gentle, moisture-boosting Gloss Bar for your first cleanse. Follow with detoxing, nourishing Glorious Shampoo. Now for conditioner. Of course, rich and creamy Luminous Conditioner is your go-to. Finish with a few gloss-giving drops of Lifeshine Oil on wet hair. You can always add an extra touch once dry, too.

Read of the week

Go As A River by Shelley Read. A beautiful, sweeping story that I adored last year and didn’t want to put down. Perfect for fans of Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens (another beauty!)

Bonus dash of self care

This is something I swear by in the winter. It’s Sweet Bee Organic’s Winter Wellness Elderberry elixir. A little gulp each morning to boost immunity, wellness and soothe. I love it. It feels like a lovely ritual, and it’s good for me!

Try Shine Duo or Longer Hair Lifeshine Duo

Did you try our last Winter Evenings routine? Let us know. Drop us a message if you try this week’s regime or if you have any self care suggestions of your own!

Anything you need from us as always, reach out on Facebook or Instagram or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to chat.


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