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Our top tips for winter BRIGHTS

Our top tips for winter BRIGHTS

We all want our hair to look as fresh and bright as possible, right? Feel hydrated and have radiant shine? I thought so. This morning I thought I’d send a super speedy email with my top tips for winter brights. When the weather is chilly, it’s even more important to lock in moisture, de-frizz and banish brassiness.

* Be sure to incorporate Brilliant Shampoo or Intense Lustre Mask (or both for a super charged boost) into your routine regularly to combat yellowing, deep condition and strengthen your strands.

* Keep your silvers clean with Gloss Bar or Glorious Shampoo. White grey and silver hair don’t need a purple shampoo with every wash. Sticking to our creamy white formulas as your regular cleanse then swapping in Brilliant Shampoo every few washes is the dream routine.

* Feeling stubbornly brassy? Mix a dash of Brilliant Shampoo into your regular Glorious Shampoo cleanse every couple of washes to subtly brighten.

* Want to brighten and hydrate? Mix a blob of Intense Lustre Mask with Luminous Conditioner for effortless shine and gloss.

* Lifeshine Oil is your best friend in cold weather. Pop it in your handbag for a midday revival, a spot of de-tangling and gorgeous shine in just a few drops.

I hope these help! If you need any more advice, please do drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram or send an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to help. Keep sending your silver selfies to us too, we love to see them!