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Heated Styling + dye free hair

Heated Styling + dye free hair

Good morning White Hot-ers! Now, if you’re devoted to heated styling, you may not love to hear this. We have received many questions over the years about why your silver turns brassy, why yellowy tones creep onto certain parts of hair over others, whether heated styling is the problem…

And the truth is, dye-free hair (particularly white) is porous and therefore can pick up dirt from everyday life, can look a touch on the yellow side due to sunshine, heated stylers and more. It is a pain in the brass, we know.

With a regular brightening routine including detoxing products such as Glorious Shampoo and products that neutralise brassy tones such as Brilliant Shampoo and Intense Lustre Mask, you can keep on top of it.

Saying that, regardless of products, dye-free hair does not love heated styling. That includes anything from blow drying to straightening.

Maybe the temperature of the stylers is too high, burning your strands? Or continued use of heat can cause dryness, resulting in a dull look.

Of course, the ultimate advice is to stop using heat altogether, however this isn’t always possible for everyone. But if you’re finding that brassiness is seriously bugging you, it may be worth trialling a different routine.

Here are a few key things you can do (other than stop heat altogether) to combat brassiness…

#1 Let your hair air dry, or even leave your hair to mostly air-dry and then give it a low-temperature blast with the blow dryer when it is almost done.

#2 Similar to above, but totally leave your hair to air dry and then if needed, lower the temperature of your straighteners to smooth.

#3 Focus on hydration. Many of us use heated stylers to smooth, de-frizz and tame our hair. A great hydrating routine can reduce the need for them. If your hair is feeling particularly unruly, try Gloss Bar and Luminous Conditioner, finished with a generous scrunch of Lifeshine Oil into damp waves or curls and apply a little extra when dry if needed.

#4 Be consistent with your Intense Lustre Mask. A weekly 3 minute brighten can do wonders.

#5 Experiment. It can feel a little scary to try a different style if you’re used to poker straight hair or perfectly formed curls…but give it a go. Rock the natural waves. The crazy kinks and curls. What’s the worst that can happen?

How do you reduce brassiness? Have you ever gone without your heated stylers? Drop us a note if you need anything at all. Find us on Facebook or Instagram or send an email if you prefer to chat there.


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