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Turn on the BRIGHTS : Brightening white and grey hair

Turn on the BRIGHTS : Brightening white and grey hair

Although this year Christmas will no doubt look different, one of the lovely parts of the season won’t be dimmed. Lights! Whether you adorn your home with fairy lights, you’re an outdoor light-up reindeer kind of person or maybe you simply enjoy seeing the street decorations, Christmas lights make us all feel a little bit brighter at this time of year. I live in quite a dark village without street lights and I for one always look forward to my lane being lit up, especially as we all get quite excited about bringing the festive cheer to the village (along with more light).

Of course, you want your hair to shine just as brightly. I thought I’d give a few tips to maintain that glowing, icy silver and give the Christmas lights a run for their money.

* Add a touch of Intense Lustre Mask to your usual conditioning routine. If Luminous Conditioner is your go-to, I would suggest adding a small blob of Intense to Luminous’ creamy white formula for subtle brightening and a dash of extra hydration.

* Lay off the heated stylers. As it gets colder, it’s likely your grey will be under a beanie hat and therefore it’s a great time to have a break from heat. Heated stylers are notorious for causing yellowing and therefore leaving your hair to dry and do its natural thing will help your hair to look brighter with minimal effort.

* Brassiness not budging? I suggest our super-charged brightening boost combo of Brilliant Shampoo and Intense Lustre Mask. Both are soft violet formulas for combating yellowiness and bringing the brightness, plus as I mentioned before, Intense is super hydrating too.

* Double cleansing. The first wash will get rid of general daily dirt that naturally gathers on your hair and the second will give it a deep, nourishing cleanse. You might even want to use Glorious Shampoo for your first wash, and Brilliant Shampoo for your second.

* A touch of Lifeshine Oil on wet or dry hair will boost your shine, smooth your silver and give gorgeous gloss. A little goes a long way, as we always say.

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Image by @kalebtapp