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Spring mornings series : Chapter 1

Spring mornings series : Chapter 1

It’s a brand new season…and that means a brand new series for you to get your hair stuck into. It’s time to spring clean your routine, soak up the lighter, brighter mornings and start something new.

Today, we’re introducing a ‘Spring Mornings’ series. Just like the ‘Winter Evenings’ series, every few weeks I will be sharing a glorious routine of the week, with our White Hot products of choice (as always), plus a book and a bonus self care tip we’re loving.

For our winter series, we celebrated the cosiness of hibernating in the evenings and whilst we love a night in at White Hot…we’re ready to embrace the changing seasons and get outside. Expect a mix of wonderful ways to wake up your day and slow starts to a spring morning…

So, shall we get started?

This week, we’re ready for a refresh. And this cleanse… is up to you. Is Glorious your go-to? Gloss Bar your be all and end all? Brilliant your best friend? Start your morning anew by mixing things up. Cleanse with a different shampoo than usual and then go in for a second cleanse with your fave.

Follow with a super charged brightening boost of Intense Lustre Mask to freshen things up and deeply hydrate. Finish with a touch of Shooshing Crème as an oomph-giving root lift.


Cleanse and Condition Trio £30.00

Shoosh and Shine Duo £23.00

Intense Gloss Duo £25.00

Read of the week

The Weekend by Charlotte Wood

I read this a couple of years ago and it really stuck with me. A funny and tender story about 3 women in their seventies reuniting for one last life-changing weekend in the beach house of their late friend. Perfect to pick up on a slower spring morning.

Bonus drop of self care

To slide into spring with ease, we’re going on a walk. Get outdoors first thing, have a burst of fresh air and natural light. Maybe go on your favourite loop or try a new route. Kick start your circadian rhythm and wake yourself up by moving your body. For an extra slice of self care, take a warm cup of coffee to see the sunrise with.

Need some help picking your spring clean routine? We’re happy to help over on Facebook or Instagram or drop us a note to [email protected] if you prefer. Keep sending your selfies to us too, we would love to see your spring silver!


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