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Salt & Pepper Sisters

Salt & Pepper Sisters

We’re always talking about keeping your silver looking oh so bright… but don’t think we’ve forgotten about all our salt and pepper sisters! Our violet shampoo, Brilliant and also violet Intense Lustre Mask might not be the obvious go-to products for those of you with a more gun metal, salt and pepper kind of look, but never fear…we have a routine perfect for you.

I would suggest firstly giving our wonderful Glorious Shampoo a go, a creamy white formula for every day nourishment and cleansing. Love your hair to feel squeaky clean and shiny? Glorious is for you. Follow with Luminous Conditioner, also a creamy white formula for hydration, moisture and fabulous bounce.

You might also be in need of some extra shine, wanting brighter looking grey but without the use of a purple shampoo. Reach for Lifeshine Oil. A couple of drops on wet or dry hair will leave your hair glowing. Silky soft, glossy grey. Plus the bottle will last you months, as you use such a small amount each time.

When it comes to grey hair, we’re always told to cleanse with purple. That isn’t actually the case. It isn’t to say you shouldn’t use them, but perhaps not as often as you think. I would suggest only using our gentle violet Brilliant Shampoo every couple of weeks, just to brighten those twinkly silvery strands. For the every day, creamy white Glorious is your best friend.

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