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New Year, Same You...Just Silver: Jayne's Top Brightening Tips

New Year, Same You...Just Silver: Jayne's Top Brightening Tips

January isn’t a month known for being bright. Well, at White Hot we believe it doesn’t have to be this way. I wanted to share my top tips for beautifully bright silver this January (and all year round). 

  1.   Lifeshine Oil

 Our light-weight secret weapon to nourish, gloss and smooth your silver. For use on wet or dry hair, I love popping a small amount on for that little bit of extra shine. We do say it works best on hair in longer styles, however, I have a shorter, textured style and find that a tiny amount is great to smooth any stray strands or pull through a bit of brightness. 

  1.   Intense Lustre Mask 

Perfect if you have a bit of extra time to pamper, or even as a burst of brightening first thing in the morning after my shampoo. Our 3-minute miracle, the Intense Lustre Mask gives vital deep conditioning to revitalise white and grey hair, giving that extra brightening boost. Perhaps give it a go once a week or once every 2 weeks for added bounce and shine. 

  1.   *BEAUTY HACK ALERT* Glorious AND Brilliant Shampoos

My little secret for days when I feel as if I want a bit of brightening, but don’t fancy using all lilac shampoo. I mix a small amount of both our creamy white, everyday Glorious Shampoo and a small amount of our gentle violet formula, Brilliant Shampoo for extra shine, brightening and moisture….You’re welcome.  As always, any advice or help you need, don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected] via our Facebook page. Make January brighter than ever.


Founder- White Hot