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May-ke it BRIGHT

May-ke it BRIGHT

How are we already over halfway through the fifth month of the year? As we are well and truly settled into spring now, I thought I would share some advice for keeping your silvers bright and shining as the sun beams down (hopefully).

Get Glossy

If you haven’t already tried our Gloss Bar, why not give it a go? With Coconut Oil for gentle nourishing and cleansing, plus it’s great as a natural brightener, removing any daily grime from your strands. Gorgeously foamy, our solid shampoo Gloss Bar leaves your silver looking oh so bright and silky soft too.

Bring out Brilliant

If our soft violet Brilliant Shampoo isn’t usually a key step in your cleanse routine, now is the time to welcome it to the party. Use Glorious Shampoo or Gloss Bar as your regular cleanse, then swap in Brilliant Shampoo once a week to brighten, boost and combat any unwanted brassiness, finish with Luminous Conditioner and voila! Your cleanse is complete.

Turn down the heat

Spring and summer can be a great time to cut down on heated stylers. If leaving your hair to dry naturally in the winter doesn’t feel too appealing to you, you’re not alone. I know there’s nothing worse than soggy hair and chilly air. With the warmer temperatures outside, ditching the hairdryer and letting your hair do its natural thing not only reduces stubborn brassiness, but leaves you more time in the mornings too.

Loving the Lifeshine

At White Hot, we love a finishing touch. Lifeshine Oil is your best friend for a boost of shine, a touch of smoothing and a drop of nourishment. Great on wet or dry hair, during the warmer months Lifeshine Oil is perfect to pop in your bag for a bit of midday de-frizzing, some post sea-swim hydration or as a must-have end to your routine.

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