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Make Way for the Quartets!

Make Way for the Quartets!

Have you had a look at our Quartet Bags? We have the Lustre Quartet Bag, the Lifeshine Quartet Bag AND the Shoosh Quartet Bag (how many times can you say Quartet Bag in one sentence…) Every single bundle at £45 comes with 4 different products AND a chic mock-croc pouch. Not only does buying together give you great savings of up to £5, but you receive a gift as well? Sign us up.

One of our favourite things about the Quartet bags is that you can mix and match the products depending on how your silver is feeling that day.

Let’s take the Lustre Quartet Bag. Inside, you will find a Glorious Shampoo, a Brilliant Shampoo, a Luminous Conditioner and an Intense Lustre Mask.

Is your hair feeling a little bit dry and lackluster? We suggest a simple cleanse with creamy, white Glorious Shampoo, followed by moisturising Luminous Conditioner. Or, if it feels dry, lackluster AND dull… perhaps swap out Luminous for Intense Lustre Mask for a deep conditioning, brightening 3-minute miracle.

In need of a revival or a touch up after a long day but no time to wash your hair? Pump a few drops of Lifeshine Oil onto dry hair for a fragrant, high gloss finish.

Or how about your silver has been exposed to the sun or you’ve used your heated stylers a little too much…? Use both gentle violet Brilliant Shampoo and Intense Lustre Mask for a super-charged brighten.

So many ways to use the same products, so many combinations and so many fabulous silver solutions. Need any help choosing your Quartet bag or advice tailored to your hair? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] or via our Facebook page.

White Hot Team