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Live in Hairmony : Silver haircare from home

Live in Hairmony : Silver haircare from home

There is most definitely growing hope on the horizon. At White Hot, we want to help boost your spirits in whatever small way we can and today I thought I would share some ideas to give your grey that extra bit of care from home.

Although many of us are now used to chunks of time without our hairdresser (although hopefully not too long to wait...!), that doesn’t mean that we can’t live in hairmony (sorry) in between our appointments.

Overnight shine

Try to apply a hair mask once a week. Not only will it brighten your silver strands, but also deeply hydrate and nourish your hair. Intense Lustre Mask is fabulous post-shampoo treat, perfect for popping on while you’re having a soak in the bath or taking a few minutes for yourself. For an overnight kind of shine, coconut oil is a dream. Simply dampen your hair, but not so it’s completely sopping wet and apply a medium sized blob onto brassy or dry areas, or all over if you need it. You can leave it on overnight (I suggest sleeping on a towel just in case) and simply double cleanse in the morning, with Glorious Shampoo and then Brilliant Shampoo (or any combo you fancy), follow with a small amount of Luminous Conditioner and prepare to be impressed. Soft, bright, shining silver.

Gentle styling If you’re not leaving the house, it’s easy to just throw your hair up in a bun (if it’s in a longer style). However, it can add to breakage and friction. So if you can, perhaps try a different style, perhaps loose braids. That’s a much gentler style on your hair. If the risk of a Pippi Longstocking look is too much for you, then maybe invest in some silk scrunchies, chic clips (see Tort) or even have a go with heat free styling. You may have seen some tutorials floating around that suggest using dressing gown belts amongst other items to create waves or curls by twisting your hair around them and fastening at the top - without any heat at all. Curious? Have a look here. As you may have a bit of extra time to play around, why not try something new? Damage free? Reduce the heat induced brassiness? Sounds good to me.

Finish it off

If extra time is something you feel you lack, here’s a super quick, easy way to give your hair that bit more love. After washing your hair, it’s easy to dash off without adding a finishing touch. A couple of drops of Lifeshine Oil each time you wash your hair will bring shine, boost brightness, de-tangle and nourish your grey, without any effort at all.

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