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Inside White Hot : Tips from the team

Inside White Hot : Tips from the team

We love sharing insider tips and tricks straight from our team to you. Perhaps they help you to discover new ways of using products you already have, encourage you to try something new, mix up a look or simply shed a bit of light on white and grey hair.

Maybe using a product as a solo essential or combining the unique qualities of several products to create the perfect style for you.

Today’s bumper list…

1 "My holiday tip is mixing Lifeshine and Shoosh into wet hair to make a better curl pattern, it just takes away the frizz."

2 "A double wash with Glorious makes a huge difference to a quick one wash."

3 "A double wash with Gloss Bar followed by Glorious. I like the combo of scalp soothing Gloss Bar followed by the gentle foam of Glorious for flex and shine"

4 "Put makeup on after I've dried my hair (pinning it out of the way) rather than before, easy to forget that if you use your fingers to blend blusher or foundation, it can transfer into your white hair too easily when you scrunch dry!"

5 "Intense Lustre Mask is a great 3 minute miracle but can also be a 30 second miracle. I sometimes use it as a regular conditioner, run through my hair in the shower and rinse off if I feel the need for a touch of purple, such as in the hot sunny weather, my silver hasn't felt as fresh."

What are your best tips for white and grey hair? Product related or not, we love to hear them. As always, if you need anything from us, you can reach out on Facebook or Instagram or drop us a note to [email protected] if you prefer. Keep sending your selfies too, we love to share them on our social media.


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