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Freshen up your grey

Freshen up your grey

You know how we love a refresh at White Hot. The start of the year can feel overwhelming with all of the messages of renewing, changing, improving…and even something as switching up your haircare routine can feel a bit too much.

I thought I would wait until the end of the month, when you’re a bit more settled into the new year to suggest a few ways you can refresh and revamp your routine. Without further ado…


#1 Make a swap

Loyal to Glorious? Mix it up and reach for Gloss Bar instead. Or vice versa! Changing the products you use can be the key to giving your hair a new lease of life. That doesn’t mean ditch a favourite, but for a couple of weeks, switch in a different product, allow your hair to adjust to new ingredients and see your silvers shine.


#2 Ditch the heat

Make 2024 the year of saying hello to bright, healthy hair and goodbye to brassy tones and heat damage. I know that many people love a touch of straightening or a blast of blow drying and although it can help you feel more put together…the yellow tinge can be a major downside. In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more ways to reduce heated styling, but it’s a balancing act. Do you love the smoothing effect of your straighteners, but hate the damage and brassiness? Which feels more important to you?

Try Glossy Bounce Duo 

Or Luminous Gloss Duo


#3 Keep up & top up

When the weather is a little more wintery and wild, keeping up with your Intense Lustre Mask routine (every week or couple of weeks) and being sure to add a touch of Lifeshine Oil each time you wash can be the perfect steps to long lasting shine. Also, a Lifeshine top up in between washes is an ideal gloss injection to reduce frizz and dryness.


#4 Welcome violet

If you don’t currently have a soft violet product in your routine, try one! We have two in our range, as many of you know. Brilliant Shampoo is our formula to brighten and combat brassiness, and Intense Lustre Mask works to deeply condition and hydrate, plus brighten! You can use both together or mixed into your old faithful routine.

Try Intense Brighten Duo

Or Pamper Pair

Need some more personal tips? No problem. Reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you. Keep sending your new year silver selfies to us too! We love to hear from you.


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