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'You certainly have a for-life customer' : CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS

'You certainly have a for-life customer' : CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS

We know how much you love hearing from other White Hot-ers. What your favourite products are, any tips and tricks you have discovered, best combinations and more. Plus sharing advice and support with fellow silvers feels pretty good too. Today I thought I would share a few recent messages you have sent us.

‘The shampoos are wonderful...and I love love love the conditioner.. My hair is in great shape using these products. The light scent is wonderful and not overpowering, something I personally am very fussy about! my other favourite is the Lifeshine Oil.. highly recommend!’ Lynn

‘I've been using White Hot hair products for nearly 2 years since I stopped with the hair dyes. Use the Glorious Shampoo every couple of days and Luminous Conditioner and use the Intense Lustre Mask every other week. Also Shooshing Crème and Lifeshine OilSheila

‘Love this product, never use any other shampoo and receive many compliments about my hair including one from my very trendy granddaughter who asked what colour dye I used. Guess what, I don’t.. just use my White Hot products’ Rosemary

‘The Shooshing Crème is the best for my white hair. So easy and so affordable just a pea size amount is all you need’ Angela

'I wouldn't be without it now..My hair has NEVER felt better’ Brenda

‘I had been dyeing my hair blonde for so long, I didn’t even know what my natural colour was! I was thrilled to see its natural colour. I get lots of compliments. Your product is amazing’ Mags

‘I have tried other products but found them very harsh and made my hair very dry and my scalp itchy. White Hot Hair restored the condition and thankfully no more itching. I also love the smell of the products’ Carol

‘You certainly have a for-life customer’ Stella

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