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British *Summer time* haircare

British *Summer time* haircare

The summer weather recently in the UK has been…questionable to say the least. July drizzle has been with us, that’s for sure. While I know glorious sun is on the horizon, today I wanted to give you a few tips to brighten your grey to brighten your day.

Do a super long routine.

Spending a bit of extra time indoors? Take your time doing your hair. Perhaps start with a moisturising Gloss Bar cleanse, follow with a wash with Brilliant Shampoo to brighten, then combine a touch of Luminous Conditioner with Intense Lustre Mask to lock in that hydration. Post-wash, apply a few generous foamy pumps of Infinity Mousse to boost bounce and finish with a few drops of Lifeshine Oil to smooth and tame any strays. Perfection!

Get masking.

You know we love a mask moment at White Hot and this weather is perfect for popping on your Intense Lustre Mask and leaving it to work its magic. Drizzly weather can sometimes mean your hair feels a bit dull and frizzy. Not anymore! Deep conditioning, brassiness combating and radiant shine in a flash.

Remember Glorious.

It has a great detoxing complex to neutralise any shine-dulling pollutants (i.e rain), so start with Glorious Shampoo and follow with your mask moment.

In between washes?

Twist up your hair into a clip and add a bit of extra Lifeshine Oil to nourish, add hydration and smooth. If you’re rocking a shorter cut, apply a touch of Lifeshine to your ends to seal in moisture. Rain can = frizz, but never fear, Lifeshine has got your back…and your hair.

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