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Are you embarking on an unplanned journey to GREY?

Are you embarking on an unplanned journey to GREY?

As you are subscribed to our mailing list, chances are you have already embraced the grey. If not, firstly, welcome to our silver tribe. You might not have intended to embark on your journey to grey just yet…  or might have just started and are still relying a little on your hairdresser to blend in your growing out roots as you start to head down the silver road. Never fear. I know that for some, this might be an unplanned time of dye-ditching or you might have taken the opportunity to embrace your natural colour, so I thought I would write a few tips for getting your head round emerging silvers...silver

Ride it Out 

The first few weeks are the hardest, as it doesn’t look like a deliberate choice (even if it is!). If you’re at home, at least  you won’t have to worry about people thinking that you’ve just forgotten to dye your hair! As simple as this tip is, I think going into it with this knowledge will help you to accept and welcome your emerging silver with each week that passes.

Updo Inspo

If you have longer hair, it goes without saying that you will have a longer road ahead. Some choose to chop their hair at the beginning of their grow-out, but others feel keen to keep their length. As someone who has never quite managed to grow their hair as long as I hoped, I would understand some reluctance to cut it. What I would suggest as you begin to embrace the grey, is to take a look at Pinterest. There are reams of great up-do inspo photos, showing you how to style your hair as it grows out…and make it look funky along the way.

Squeaky Clean

Although an up-do is a great way to style your emerging grey, it might be tempting to throw your hair up and neglect a normal washing routine. Most importantly, it will make you feel good to continue to keep your hair clean, shiny and nourished. We tend to suggest our creamy everyday Glorious Shampoo for newbies for a hydrating cleanse.

Changing what’s IN your Head

I do usually say that you need to change what’s IN your head, before you change what’s ON your head. In this case, you might feel catapulted into no-dye territory and this may not be possible, so I would suggest following some glorious greys on Instagram, again looking to Pinterest for some silver style inspo or finding some #greyspiration articles. You won’t feel alone.

You can Always go Back!

Just remember, that once you’re released back into the wild, if you really don’t like it you can always dye it again!

As I have been saying a lot recently, there is definitely more to life than hair, but recently we have had messages from people embarking on an un-planned journey to grey and for any tips. I do hope this helps a little and if you need further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected] or via our Instagram or Facebook pages.

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