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5 tips for finding your way to your BEST grey

5 tips for finding your way to your BEST grey

Whether you’re on your way to grey or you have arrived at your destination and want some tips on how to get the most out of your silver life, you’re in the right place. Today, I thought I would share a couple of (hopefully helpful) nuggets to encourage you to love your silver and how to find your own way to your best grey.

Switch up your snip

Fancy trying a new cut? You’ve already bitten the bullet, ditched the dye and revealed your silver self, might now be the time to try a new style too? Woah woah woah...too much too soon? Rock a look you love and are used to by all means, but if you really feel like pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, mix it up! Work with a hairdresser you trust, one that doesn’t put you in a certain ‘style stereotype’ and who will encourage you to try something new - but who knows you (and your hair). There are no rules on length, texture, style, shape. We love natural, un-done, messy chic. We also love sleek, smooth, sharp and blunt. Maybe in-between? No dye doesn’t mean game - over for experimenting!

Tame time

Hair without pigment can have a tendency to feel more wiry or wild at times. We personally love a bit of a wild ‘do’, but if you want to soak your strands, smooth and tame a little, we’ve got you covered for that too. A deep conditioning mask, like Intense Lustre Mask is great once a week to hydrate, super strengthen and brighten. Also, adding Lifeshine Oil into your routine, on wet or dry hair is perfect for tackling frizz and any strays.

Move your body

On the other side of the silver spectrum, hair without pigment can sometimes feel flat or fluffy. Never fear! Texture is here. At White Hot, we love both shiny and volumised hair and any added body and movement is just our cup of tea. If you don’t already, get to know Shooshing Crème. Our secret weapon for effortless lift, texture and oomph. Less is more, so try a tiny touch of product and raise the volume.

Bright light

Combat brassiness, brighten and counteract any yellowy tones with Brilliant Shampoo. For use every few washes, keep your silver looking oh so fresh with our soft violet formula. No need for dark inky shampoos, or daily usage, just swap it in every once in a while and voila! Oh, and a tip for when you’re doing your make up - try a headband or hair clips and twist your fringe or front of your hair up. If you’re anything like me and love a bit of bronzer, you’ll want to keep the powder away from your strands, no one wants an orangey tinted fringe!

Celebrate silver

You’re now part of a dynamic, vibrant, free community of women and men who have jumped off the dye-train. Celebrate that! Try new clothes or colour palettes, jewellery and accessories. Step outside and let the wind blow your hair without fear of roots showing. Soak up that extra time you have now you don’t have a long dye appointment in your diary. Embrace who you are! It feels good.

Need any product advice or a chat about where to go with your dye-ditching journey? Send us a note on Facebook or Instagram or an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to help.