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Winter Evenings Series : The Final Chapter

Winter Evenings Series : The Final Chapter

Good morning! We’re wrapping up our Winter Evenings series today with one final chapter. Thank you for self-caring along with us for the last few weeks. I have really enjoyed sharing a few small ways you can build your own rituals and soak up the cosiness of winter along the way. Stay tuned for Spring Mornings…coming soon.

So, shall we start?

This week… we’re all about nourishment.

As we come to the end of winter and the weather starts to change, hair health is key. We’re starting with Glorious Shampoo, our dreamy everyday detoxing shampoo, to rid hair of build up and restore it to its natural shine. Follow with a second cleanse of gentle Gloss Bar if you wish. Finish your cleanse routine with rich and creamy Luminous Conditioner for a burst of moisture.

Now, for styling. Infinity Mousse is not just a mousse. It contains ingredients that help to strengthen, repair, protect and de-frizz your hair. So, work a few generous foamy pumps of Infinity into your hair and finish with a few drops of Lifeshine Oil as a fragrant and nourishing bonus point.

Read of the week

The House of Fortune by Jessie Burton. If you read and loved The Miniaturist years ago, this is the second novel in the series. Jessie is such a beautiful writer and I was quickly transported back to the vivid world this story lives in. Perfect to curl up with for a cosy night in.

Bonus dash of self care

A large pillowy, silk sleep mask. This is a relatively new discovery, but as a previous non-sleep-mask wearer, I haven’t looked back since buying my Drowsy mask. Wow oh wow. Comforting, comfortable and I drift off faster than ever. Like a hug for your face (in a nice way). Great sleep is the ultimate act of self care, after all.



Luminous Gloss Duo

The Infinity Quartet

Lifeshine Oil

I hope you have enjoyed this series. Which routine was your favourite? Did you read any of the books, or try any of the self care ideas? Do let us know.

As I mentioned, we’ll be back before too long with a Spring Mornings series. In the meantime, reach out with anything you need on Facebook or Instagram or drop us a note to [email protected] if you prefer.


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