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Winter Evenings Series : Chapter 1

Winter Evenings Series : Chapter 1

January is the perfect time to put a bit of extra effort into self care. The start of a new year provides us with a clean slate, a fresh start and time to re-evaluate our priorities. Now, we don’t subscribe to the ‘new year, new me’ narrative, but we sure do celebrate the idea of starting something new for yourself.

We wanted to introduce a ‘Winter Evenings’ series. Every couple of weeks we’ll be sharing our routine of the week, with our White Hot products of choice (of course), plus a book and a bonus self care item we’re loving. Encouraging you to build your own self care rituals and soak up the cosiness of winter along the way.

So, the first routine… We’re looking to brighten this week.

Start with creamy white Glorious Shampoo for a detoxing, shine-giving cleanse, then follow with a second cleanse using soft violet Brilliant Shampoo to combat brassy tones. Get hydrating with our 3 minute miracle Intense Lustre Mask and finish with our bounce booster, Infinity Mousse to define and bring body.

Read of the week

Winner of the Women’s Prize for Fiction, Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. I started this towards the end of last year, enjoyed it immensely and looked forward to a few pages every night as part of my night time wind-down routine.

Bonus dash of self care

Steaming! Facial steaming feels like a luxurious 10 minute trip to the spa. I love the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Steamer. Radiant, glowy skin…and a moment of peace.



Cleanse Duo

Intense Lustre Mask

Infinity Mousse 


What is your self care looking like this January? Let us know if you try this routine, we love to hear from you! Anything you need from us, as always find us on Facebook or Instagram or drop us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.


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