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Why do we have 3 shampoos? And when to use them

Why do we have 3 shampoos? And when to use them

Good question. Well, at White Hot we know you don’t need a purple shampoo with every wash to keep your silver looking and feeling its best. In fact, we actively suggest you do the opposite. Purple shampoos are for counteracting yellowy tones, brightening and boosting and they’re not essential for everyday cleansing and nourishing. Also, purple shampoos don’t need to be dark and inky. Our Brilliant Shampoo is a soft violet formula and won’t stain your shower and towels or your hair.

Some people think that the more you use your purple shampoo, the ‘brighter’ your hair. That’s not the case. White, grey and silver hair need a different type of formula as an everyday go-to. Enter, Glorious Shampoo. Our staple. Our must-have. A creamy white formula for everyday nourishment, hydration and shine. Gorgeously foamy and fragrant, Glorious Shampoo is your regular shampoo and Brilliant Shampoo is your once-every-few-washes friend.

And what about Gloss Bar? Gloss Bar is the newest kid on the block. Our creamy solid shampoo. Perfect for travel, moisture-boosting, gentle cleansing, smoothing and de-tangling. It is not a replacement for either Glorious or Brilliant, but another addition to your White Hot regime. With coconut oil, marshmallow root extract and witch hazel, it feels dreamy to use. Plus...That foaminess?! Just ask anyone that has tried it, Gloss Bar brings the lather.

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