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White Hot Women: Meet Gwynn

White Hot Women: Meet Gwynn

'Two years ago, I took the plunge. A voyage into the unknown, with no real idea what colour the other side would be. Pewter, salt & pepper, or white?

Quite a change, either way, from the naturally very dark brown hair I had throughout my melanin years. I first saw a few grey hairs in my 20s, & was increasingly like King Canute from there on in, battling with an ever powerful silver tide… Unsightly roots after 4 weeks, 3 weeks, then 2 weeks. Increasingly realising that this was a battle I was not going to win, & that I was also throwing good money after bad on expensive dyes, full of nasties, which gave me headaches, & an itchy scalp.

It wasn’t an easy process. My hair has always been long, so I had to have it cut unusually short, which I hated, however, it was a practical way of removing the dye as quickly as possible. Looking back, it probably took about 9 months to be completely dye-free – my new baby! It started with what I called the Mortisha line, which grew wider by the week, & then turned into the Badger. Neither look was one I would have willingly chosen, however, I was determined to persevere. To my surprise, I realised that my dye-free hair was actually going to be very light too. Friends & colleagues then started asking me if I had had “my hair done”, thinking that I had had streaks put in. To my reply that it was actually the opposite, their surprise, & complimentary responses spurred me on. Grey also the new black, so I was lucky that I had timed it to fit in with a colour which was increasingly fashionable anyway. I am so glad that I did too! Better for my health, better for my pocket, & it’s what nature now intends. I decided to fully embrace my new image, & was then on the look out for good quality shampoos, which would enhance the colour, not fight against it.

A friend recommended White Hot Hair, & I immediately bought the Brilliant & Glorious shampoos, along with the Luminous conditioner. I have since also purchased the hair mask. I absolutely love the products too! My hair is healthy, shiny, easy to manage. The shampoo smells great, looks great, & I actually have the travel pack with an attractive carry case, which always goes on holiday with me. In the words of David Soul, I’m a “Silver Lady” & you can “take my word” that I’ve now “seen the light”, thanks to White Hot Hair!'

Thank you so much for sharing Gwynn. We love hearing from our customers, whether it's sharing your journey to grey or just sharing the #whitehotlove , we just love talking to our silver tribe! Get in touch at [email protected] or via our Facebook page.