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Oh what a Glorious Day....

Oh what a Glorious Day....

Introducing our everyday, shine-giving, moisturising wonder - Glorious Shampoo.

Its creamy white formula is the perfect solution for shining silver, with a detoxing complex to neutralise any shine-dulling pollutants. White Hot stands out from the crowd for many reasons (in our humble opinion), but one of the main features of our range is our two different shampoos, that each contribute to your best grey. 

Grey hair doesn’t always need purple shampoo every single wash and so I created a product that left my silver looking and feeling its best, without using a coloured shampoo.  Our creamy white Glorious Shampoo helps cleanse and moisturise with a luxurious fragrant foam and we pair it with Luminous Conditioner, for dazzling bounce and shine. Every few washes when I want an extra brightening boost I reach for Brilliant Shampoo, our gentle, lilac formula to counteract any yellowy tones without the dreaded ‘blue rinse’ effect. Hand in hand, our two shampoos work effortlessly to help cleanse, brighten, nourish and moisturise, without the scary inky purple colour. Gentle products that really pack a punch.


Founder- White Hot