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Takes two to de-tangle

Takes two to de-tangle

No, we’re not stuck in a game of Twister…we’re talking hair (what else is new?!) Whether it’s a blustery winter day, a drizzy downpour or a pocket of sunshine amongst the clouds, we all know weather this time of year can be unpredictable. I wanted to give you a few quick solutions for de-frizzing and de-tangling no matter the state of the sky.

Pop Lifeshine Oil in your bag

It may seem a little indulgent to carry your deliciously fragrant smooth-talking moisture-booster with you all day, but it’s certainly a great handbag size and is perfect for smoothing on the go. Caught in a rainstorm? Run a few drops of Lifeshine from mid-ends and you’ll be shining in no time.

Define curls with Shooshing Crème and Lifeshine Oil

You know we’re big fans of a product combo. Shoosh and Shine Duo is our favourite for defining, de-frizzing, adding texture and hydration without losing bounce and movement.

Treat yourself to a longer pamper

Double cleanse with Glorious Shampoo and Gloss Bar (either first) then apply Intense Lustre Mask, grab your favourite book, run a bath and enjoy the soak.

What are your best de-frizzing tips?

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