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Our Summer to Autumn Silver Solution...

Our Summer to Autumn Silver Solution...

As the English summer slowly draws to a close, the nights get cooler and ever so slightly darker every evening and our hair has been exposed to the sun for several glorious months (in theory…), it’s a great time to take special care of our grey.

When creating our products, tailored specifically for the needs of silver hair, I was conscious of removing the fear of a purple shampoo. I wanted to create products that felt luxurious, gentle, nourishing and gave our grey the love it needs, while getting the best possible results. The thought of my glistening white shower being stained with a deep purple shampoo sent shivers down my spine, so I set out to create a gentle, violet formula that gave my silver a real boost ... minus the scary colour. That’s where Brilliant Shampoo began. A brightening shampoo used every few washes with the main goal of giving your silver halo a well deserved polish! When exposed to the sun, grey hair runs the risk of looking yellowy, brassy and generally duller, so now is the perfect time to embark on a committed, restorative love affair with our lilac wonder. Yes, we are a bit over the top about it.

My winning combination is our Glorious Shampoo, a creamy white formula, intended for everyday use paired with Brilliant Shampoo every few washes to neutralise any brassy tones. Throw in our Luminous Conditioner after either shampoo and you’ll have beautifully bright and nourished silver ready for the colder months ahead.

I’ll also let you into a secret…. At White Hot, we have a secret weapon. A way I take my grey to the next level. Our Intense Lustre Mask gives vital hydration to grey that’s in need of a bit of TLC. I call it the ‘3 minute miracle-worker’ and can be used once a week (or more if you wish) and gives your hair deep nourishment, added bounce and super shine.

So there you have it, our seasonal hair care solution. I believe in great products, that make you and your hair glow, all year round, whatever the weather.


Founder- White Hot