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Summer (Silver) Hair Hacks

Summer (Silver) Hair Hacks

We love summer hair. Natural curls, beachy waves, effortless texture. Generally a more relaxed look. Heated stylers can be ditched in favour of nature’s blow dry, easy-going up-dos, flowing strands and messy-chic crops are where it’s at. Today I thought I would share a few summer hair hacks to get you thinking creatively about using your White Hot faves in the heat. I would love to hear your tips too, so do share them with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Firstly, a few post-swim ideas. Lifeshine Oil is your best friend when it comes to moisture boosting, added nourishment and taming that frizz. Plus it’s handbag size. Post sea-swim, rinse your salty hair with water if you can and apply a few drops as a mini mask before you get a chance to wash it. It will smooth, de-tangle and hydrate, preventing breakage. Maybe you’re planning on keeping your head above water? Whether you’re rocking a cropped cut or longer locks is more your thing, wetting your hair and applying a tiny blob of Luminous Conditioner to soak in while you’re enjoying the water and sunshine will bring hydration and radiance. Simply shampoo as normal, reapply your Luminous Conditioner, then wash off for silky smooth summer silver.

Let’s move on to simple styling. As I mentioned at the start, reducing your heated styler use is one of the best ways to prevent brassiness creeping in. The sun already has a yellowing effect on your hair, so ditching those straighteners will really help. If your hair is slightly longer, try plaiting your hair when it’s wet for a low-maintenance, beachy look. The larger the chunks of hair you use, the looser the waves. Shorter hair? Try letting your hair dry naturally and see what happens. For a long time, I convinced myself I needed to blow-dry my hair and actually now I love a more messy, textured, natural wave.

Masking. I do go on about masks, but they are so important! Not only will Intense Lustre Mask boost brightness and help to combat yellowing, but it will add that much needed hydration as the sun shines down. Coconut oil as always is a great natural mask that can be kept on all day. Simply apply to wet hair, scrape back or twist up and get on with your summer day.

How about touch ups? Both Shooshing Crème and Lifeshine Oil are great for a bit of revival in-between washes. Wearing your hair up on a scorching day? Simply rub a touch of Shoosh into your fingers and smooth over your hair to slick back and tame any strays. It’s not JUST for volume...! Same goes for Lifeshine Oil. Looking to tame a few strays and bring some gloss? A few drops of Lifeshine is all you need. Curls looking a little wild after a wind-swept beach walk? Use Shooshing Crème and Lifeshine Oil together to define, de-tangle, bring body and shine.

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