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So good, it's scary : Shooshing Crème

So good, it's scary : Shooshing Crème

Shooshing Crème. It’s scarily good. This Halloween, I want to let you in on a bit of spooky sorcery. A product that boosts volume, defines curls, styles strands, brings body, adds texture AND is hand-bag sized. A tiny touch of our magic formula leaves your silver looking utterly gore-geous. Ok, shall I stop with the Halloween puns?

Put simply, I feel I haven’t mentioned my favourite go-to Shooshing Crème for a little while and I want to share my top tips.

* As I mentioned above, less really is more. Literally a lentil-sized amount is all you need. It may seem ‘not enough’, but I promise your best results lie in the smallest of squeezes.

* Try it on wet hair. If you’re a strictly ‘dry only’ Shoosh-er, I suggest you give wet hair a whirl. A tiny amount again, rubbed into your palms and fingertips and scrunched into your roots will give that added body as your hair dries.

* Frizz driving you mad? Shooshing Crème is perfect for defining curls and reducing flyaways. The best way is to apply a touch to half dry, or damp waves and scrunch in.

* Want to add a bit of shine while you’re at it? Lifeshine Oil is Shooshing Crème’s silky soft sister and a few drops is all you need to smooth and boost gloss.

* Give your hair a re-fresh. On in-between-washes days, use Shoosh to revive and add oomph. Effortlessly simple styling.

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