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Six simple steps to beautifully bright summer hair

Six simple steps to beautifully bright summer hair

We’ve had more sunshine in the UK in the past few weeks than we’re generally accustomed to, even for this time of year.  And with the summer holiday season about to hit, things could be hotting up even more.

While we love soaking up the sun (for us, there’s nothing quite so relaxing as that warmth on your skin), we know hair might not be quite as keen. White and grey hair can be prone to dryness and an overload of direct sunlight can also create dull and brassy tones.  But, fellow sun enjoyers, don’t despair - we’ve got six simple steps so that you can enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and still keep your hair in dazzling condition:

  1. Ditch the dryer
    When you’ve got a balmy breeze, give your hair a holiday from the hairdryer and let it dry naturally. We all know that heated stylers contribute to drying out our hair, so although it takes longer, this is the ideal time to give your hair a heat break.
  2. If you can’t stand the heat...
    … on the same note, why not abandon your straighteners, curlers, tongs for the next few weeks? We know it’s tough to go cold turkey on your styling gadgets but your hair really will thank you for it. Plus, it gives you the chance to try something new - why not embrace the waves and go for a beachy tousled finish.
  3. Cover up
    While many of us loved coconut oil in our youth, we bet you wouldn’t dream of going out in the midday sun without a high factor suntan lotion these days. Think of your hair in the same way and cover up. We found this gorgeously vibrant hair wrap by Silke, which comes in a variety of rich colours that will perfectly complement your white and grey hair, but if you’re not feeling quite as bold, a floppy sun hat or even a ‘do-it-yourself’ wraparound scarf will do the trick and look uber-stylish.
  4. Add back some moisture
    If after a while, you crave some moisture in your life i.e some rain, then you’ll be able to sympathise with your hair, which after too much sun can become desperately dry, dull and dare we say it, straw-like. However, there’s an easy fix - simply smooth either Luminous Conditioner or a few drops of Lifeshine Oil through damp hair - while you’re busy doing nothing poolside, it will be working hard to replenish some much needed moisture, helping keep your hair smooth and sleek.  Just don’t forget to rinse.
  5. Counteract the chlorine
    One of the highlights of our summer holiday is being able to swim outdoors daily. But unfortunately, chlorine is not a friend of white and grey hair - too much exposure to it can add a dull brassy (or even slightly green) tinge to your gorgeous tones. However, don’t let this stop you - just treat your hair to a brightening boost with White Hot Brilliant Shampoo  - it’s soft violet formula acts like a filter to balance out those pesky yellow tones.
  6. On the home straight
    Last but not least, don’t burst your holiday bubble as soon as you get home. Give you hair one or two last treats. Our Intense Brighten Duo will get your locks back to their former glory with a double whammy brightening boost:  containing Brilliant Shampoo and our three minute miracle worker, Intense Lustre Mask, these two products will work hard to brighten, cleanse and revitalise your white and grey hair. Use once or twice a week, or whenever you most need it.

So, whatever your summer plans, we hope you enjoy it, secure in the knowledge that your hair can hold its own in the heat. And please remember we always love seeing your pictures of what you’ve been up to - if you’d like to share any snaps of your summer, please either send it to customer [email protected] or post it on our Facebook page.