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Shine BRIGHT with Lifeshine

Shine BRIGHT with Lifeshine

Today (and every day), we’re all about the shine. More specifically, we’re talking Shooshing Crème’s silky soft, smooth talking sister...Lifeshine Oil. A lightweight, super versatile, multi-purpose, fragrant oil, for use on both wet and dry hair, on up-dos, pixie crops and long flowing locks. AND it lasts a lifetime. A few drops is all you need to tame strays, frizz and tangles, boost shine and gloss and revive your silver.

Perhaps the most important thing is to use a tiny amount. Rub Lifeshine into your palms and fingers before smoothing through damp hair after washing, dry hair post blow or air dry or as a pick-me-up at the end of a long day.

Love defined curls? Add moisture and nourishment, ditch the frizz and feel brand new.

Want to rock a slicked back ponytail or bun? Again, just a few drops smoothed over your style and voila! No need for hairspray.

Looking to add some extra glow to a shorter style? A drop or two, rubbed into your palms can be used to reverse a crunchy hairspray situation.

Been on a windy walk or had an afternoon at the beach? Pop Lifeshine Oil in your bag, apply a few drops at the end of the day for a post-wash, fragrant boost.

How do you use Lifeshine Oil? Perhaps you didn’t know if it was for you? The great news is, Lifeshine Oil is great for any style, cut, hair type and length, all you have to do is play around to find exactly what works for you. I think I just introduced you to your new best friend.

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