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Rock the Crop : White & Grey

Rock the Crop : White & Grey

I love a silver pixie crop. Have you seen Deborah (@deborah__darling photographed above) or former White Hot model Sharon (@ageinappropriate) or how about Roxanne (@rlhnyc) on Instagram? They’re just a handful of sil

ver sisters with fabulous short cuts. Although mine is slightly longer than a crop at the moment, I’d still consider myself part of the short hair crew, despite the fact that I’m styling it slightly differently to my shorter, choppy look.

Today, I thought I’d give you a few tips for styling your crop with our secret weapons Shooshing Crème and Lifeshine Oil. Most of you might think Lifeshine Oil is just for longer hair, but you can definitely reap the glossy rewards with short hair too!

So starting with ‘Shoosh’. Of course, our hero product is perfect for injecting some volume, lift, texture and definition into your crop. I suggest using less than you think you need as you can always add more. If anything, the less you use… the better the results. Really rub the product into your hands and fingertips before working into the roots. Great for a post-wash, pre-dry oomph booster or as a reviving lift on dry hair.

It has to be said, Lifeshine Oil is a dream on long hair. That’s not to say that it can’t give a fragrant, smoothing pop of shine to shorter styles. Again, much like Shoosh, a little goes a very long way. The smallest touch of Lifeshine rubbed into your fingertips can be used to tease, tweak and nourish a choppy cut. If you love a sleek crop that’s even better, as a tiny amount can be used to smooth and slick back your ‘do with a gorgeous high gloss finish.

Both products can work for you and your hair, so my biggest suggestion would be to experiment, have a play and see what fabulous styles you can create!

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