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Pain in the brass

Pain in the brass

Today, we're talking fringes. At White Hot, we love them. I am a longtime fringe-rocker and know they aren’t always the most low-maintenance of styles.

We have received many questions over the years seeking advice for a yellowy-tinged fringe. It's a real pain in the brass. However much we want to block our ears, our beloved straighteners may just be the culprit.

If you struggle with yellowing, rather than totally ditching heat completely, have you tried reducing the heat settings on your stylers or dryer? Or blow dry on a low setting and take a total break with the straighteners?

Straightening after blow drying may just be a habit, rather than a necessity. Why don’t you try whizzing a touch of Lifeshine Oil on wet hair through your fringe with a comb to tame any frizz or kinks and leave to dry naturally?

I personally do a quick (reduced heat) fringe blast with my Dyson hairdryer (pricey but worth it as an investment in my opinion), but I keep it swift. Some days I comb it through with a dash of Lifeshine and leave it to do its thing. Not always predictable, but the lack of heat damage is a great compromise.

These tips may not sound possible for you, if you’re used to a poker straight (and poker hot…) fringe, but if brassiness is getting you down, it may be worth a shot. You could discover that brighter, shinier, healthier looking and feeling silver may just be worth ditching the heat for, once and for all.

Fight the brass....

Intense Brighten Duo

Shine Duo

Pamper Pair

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