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Lead the Luminous life....

Lead the Luminous life....

I talk a lot about our two marvellous shampoos, Glorious and Brilliant, but don’t always give Luminous Conditioner the limelight. A rich, creamy white conditioner for lustrous flex, shine and bounce, it is the dream accompaniment to either of our shampoos. 

Everyone’s hair is different. Some of us need conditioner with every wash, others only use it once every few washes and some hardly use it at all. At White Hot, we believe you should do what works for you and your hair, there are no rules. Saying that, Luminous Conditioner is a great finisher for your cleanse and shine hair routine. Use as often as needed, Luminous will help to smooth, strengthen and moisturise your silver post shampoo, especially as the days get colder. 

If you’re interested in trying out our Cleanse and Condition Trio, saving you £6 on the full price of individual products, head over to our website to take a look. It includes our creamy white Glorious Shampoo for everyday use, Brilliant Shampoo, our lilac formula for use every few washes or when your grey is in need of a boost and finally, our luxurious Luminous Conditioner, with extracts of White Truffle for moisture and KeravisTM for super strengthening. 

We always say a little goes a long way and as winter creeps in, adding Luminous Conditioner to your routine will help to keep your silver as hydrated as possible in the chilly weather. 

As always, if you need any advice or haircare tips, don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected] or via our Facebook page.  


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