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Intense or Luminous? Get the lowdown

Intense or Luminous? Get the lowdown

In our small range of must-have products, our 2 conditioners allow you to tailor your hair wash, each and every time. Both have completely different uses, qualities and benefits, making them an essential part of your silver care. Here’s the lowdown on both, so you can decide whether you want to give both a try, or whether you feel 1 will do the trick for you and your grey. 

So, Luminous Conditioner. Our everyday, creamy partner to our Glorious Shampoo. It can of course be used with our gentle violet Brilliant Shampoo, but our starting regime tends to be Glorious and Luminous. With smoothing and strengthening Keravistm, our rich formula gives you beautiful bounce and shine PLUS it has moisturising extracts of White Truffle. As every-wash conditioners go, it’s all you need….and more. 

Intense Lustre Mask is perfect for a day when you have a little longer to care for your silver. Like Brilliant Shampoo, it has a gentle violet formula and gives vital deep conditioning to revitalise your grey. We call it our ‘3 minute miracle’ and suggest you give it a go once a week, after a wash with Glorious Shampoo. As it also has a lilac colour, we don’t suggest trying our Intense Lustre Mask with Brilliant Shampoo… but as a brightening and bounce booster, with oh so heavenly hydration, it’s wonderful. 

 As always, if you need some help choosing between them, the team are on hand to offer any advice you need at [email protected] or via our Facebook page. Happy hydrating!


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