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Gloss Bar & Friends - What to pair with my solid shampoo?

Gloss Bar & Friends - What to pair with my solid shampoo?

Gloss Bar is a permanent resident in my bathroom. Since launch in April, we have been blown away by the support and excitement about our first solid shampoo bar. We love it, you love it and we couldn’t be happier. If you haven’t got your hands (and hair) on Gloss Bar yet or are feeling a little funky about putting ‘a bar of soap’ on your hair, then let me reassure you. We have had more people reach out since April as ‘self confessed shampoo bar converts’ than we can count! If you love your regular White Hot routine without Gloss Bar though....that’s fine too, of course.

Today, I thought I would share how I would pair Gloss Bar with some of our other products.

Gloss Bar & Luminous Conditioner

A shine-giving, moisture-boosting, creamy pair for everyday gloss and glow. No fuss, big radiance.

Gloss Bar & Lifeshine Oil

For some, conditioner isn’t a must. Add Lifeshine Oil post wash for a smoothing shine injector and defrizzer.

Gloss Bar & Glorious Shampoo

You may know, we love a double cleanse and my hair feels GREAT when I do one Gloss Bar wash, followed by a Glorious Shampoo wash, Super clean, nourished and hydrated.

Gloss Bar & Intense Lustre Mask

Shine and moisture, paired with a dreamy mask for brightening and deep hydration. Did someone say pamper?

How do you use your Gloss Bar? Need some more info before getting yours? Reach out on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email at [email protected] and we would be happy to help with anything you need.