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Finishing Touches : Styling your silver

Finishing Touches : Styling your silver

Sometimes it’s the small details. The finishing touches. A little tweak. Today, I thought I would shine a light on our epic stylers and stars of the ‘finishing touch’, Shooshing Crème and Lifeshine Oil. Many of you will be familiar with their magic powers, but in case you’re not or need a refresh, allow me to share my top tips.

Perfect together, for added volume AND shine, texture AND gloss, or brilliant as solo artists depending on your style. Perhaps the best thing about both products is that less is more. A tiny touch of either is truly all you need. A little goes a long, long way. In fact, we tend to find that the less you use, the better the results.

Use Shooshing Crème on wet or dry hair and simply scrunch a tiny blob (about a lentil size) into your roots, making sure to warm the product up a little in your palms before applying.

It’s also great to smooth a few stray strands down for a slicked style or for an ‘ear tuck’ look that you want to stay put a bit more without feeling heavy, stiff or dulling shine. We always suggest having a play around with amounts and methods, trying on both wet or dry hair to find your perfect way/s to ‘shoosh’.

Try Lifeshine Oil on wet or dry hair for a post-wash treatment and tame or as an in-between washes fragrant revival, a few drops is all you need. Simply run from mid to ends of your hair, smooth flyaways and frizz or slick back your pixie or up-do, Lifeshine Oil will work for you whatever your style.

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